Green candles everywhere!!!!

Green candles everywhere!!!!

Dear traders,

What a pump happened on crypto market and BTC is leading with alts following. Now we are at resistance lines and break and hold will pump crypto even more.

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BTC push strongly into resistance and close to 25k. Now daily need close above 24.700$-24.800$ to continue push up. When daily close above 25.300$ there is easy push to 28-30k and there is strong long position possible. If 25k hold and BTC push back it will be a big retrace back to clear all longs. Trade with range and don’t FOMO.


ETH push strongly into resistance now preparing for next leg up. If resistance is not broken on daily it could push back. Stay safe and don’t FOMO. Watch my resistance levels and targets it is safer to trade.


XRP make push up but still under downtrend line on 1D time frame. If resistance and downtrend line are broke we could see 0.5$ as next long target. Still big sell off XRP is still on.


LINK push above 7$ and show strength but still in consolidation zone. Only break above big resistance will make push to 9$. Good for small spot now if bullish trend continue.


SOL break but stopend under 24$ as resistance. Only break above 24$ will show streng for next leg up. Long only if break and hold above 24.2$.


DXY consolidating under 103.8 and getting strength for next leg up.

Crypto/stock daily news:

First crypto, now the hedge funds that work with crypto. The SEC wants to make it harder for crypto firms to be allowed to hold client assets for money managers.

The agency’s moving crypto firms’ desks across the classroom cause they’re chatting with hedge funds too much.

Here’s the lowdown, according to Bloomberg:

The SEC is proposing today to make it difficult for crypto firms to be “qualified custodians”
That’s a fancy term for companies that can hold people’s assets for money managers
That’d affect hedge funds, private equity/VC funds, and pensions funds since they’re required to only use qualified custodians
This would be a bit of a blow to financial groups that had leapt face first to capitalize on the crypto craze in recent years.

And that easy line of access to crypto for everyday investors like Joe Shmoe? That’d be obliterated.

Talk about a step back from mass adoption…

But fret not! It’s not in effect juuuust yet. Most of the 5-person SEC has to green-light the proposal, then they have to post it for public comment, and then vote again to set the rule in stone.

The SEC’s really just throwing the kitchen sink at the crypto space, huh?

Final words:

Market pump and all you take long take profits and wait for next resistance brake. Please don’t FOMO crypto can move directions fast. Stay safe.

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Sentiment Is now BULLISH and real test for bulls are this week.

Not Financial Advice!

Good luck with trades!


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