Friday DUMP day or not!!!!

Friday DUMP day or not!!!!

Dear traders,

Friday on market shows lover volume and possible dump. But now market is choppy and even 1% move can make difference.

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After dump BTC make push back into bear flag resistance and now price il looking for lover low or push up as bullish sentiment is on.


ETH break 1530$ as push back in resistance line and hold for next market move. Still chopping around and waiting for bigger market moves.


XRP holding still in channel after try of turning down price it come back fast in channel. Still no clear price action. Waiting for bigger market move.


LINK break support but turn back in channel as market bounce up. Still no clear target range.


SOL break under 21$ but turn back with market still 20.8$ act as big support. Next move will be big +/- 15% so be careful with leverage.


DXY drop from channel and come back with market weakening is US and show strength to bounce.

Crypto/stock daily news:

This is the Crocodile of Wall Street. Government name: Heather Morgan. And boy, does she have quite the resume:
Alleged money launderer by day. She and her husband were arrested last year and charged with laundering $4.5b worth of crypto that was stolen from Bitfinex (a crypto exchange).
YouTube rapper by night. Rap name(s): The Crocodile of Wall Street; Razzlekhan.
Gives 0fcks. Just check her hat

Now, Morgan is back with a brand new rap job. She’s been hired by an unknown tech company in New York to work in “growth marketing and business development.” The court ruled to keep the name of the company private for safety concerns.

Morgan has been granted court approval to travel into the office for work. She’ll be heading into the New York office 3x/week from 10 am – 8:30 pm.

Which might sound awful. But Morgan has been on house arrest 24/7 while she waits for her trial. Her husband? Still in jail. So to Morgan, traveling in NYC probably sounds like a walk on the beach of Maldives. (Me personally, I’d rather be locked up than travel through Midtown..)

We’re on the brink of a global recession. Thousands of people in tech are getting laid off from work. Yet Morgan, the alleged money launderer facing 25 years in prison, has landed a job. New York, there’s nothing you can’t do.

Final words:

Market still chopping and choosing direction. Genesis news about bankruptcy would not help market to grow up. Still no confidence in crypto by big investors.

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Im still bearish in structure only clear hit and hold above 21500$ on btc will show me bullish bias for next realise rally on crypto!!!

Not Financial Advice!

Good luck with trades!


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