Friday charge to resistance or breaking down!!!!

Friday charge to resistance or breaking down!!!!

Dear traders,

Stock have broke 1 year resistance line and need to hold one more week above to continue bullish sentiment and get out of bear market. Today more market data coming so take care of your trades

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BTC retest support at 22.500$ and hunt for stop loss. Still in trading range 23.300$ – 22.300$ and breaking any of this ranges will break bullish or bearish test of BTC.


ETH retest support at 1550$ and come back to trading channel. Still consolidation before next big leg up and showing no strength as BTC.


XRP retest 0.395$ support and aiming for 0.409$ for breaking more bullish. Still in consolidation.


LINK retest under 7$ and push back to weekly resistance line 7.27$ and break above and hold will push coin more up.


SOL retest support and back to channel under 24$ more volume push with market is need to break more bullish. Trade with small leverage SOL oscillate +5% on daily.


DXY show some strength and closing above resistance line need to hold after market news or new low is in. Closing to critical supports and breaking that’s support will make market push higher. Still turning back no power.

Crypto/stock daily news:

Another day, another hack. Today’s victim? NFT Whale Kevin Rose, founder of Proof and Moonbirds. He lost $2m+ by confirming an off-chain signature on a phishing website.
There’s a new #1. Polkadot has seen the most developer activity over the last 30 days, according to data from Santiment. Developer activity is measured using the work being done by any project’s developers on its public GitHub repositories. Milk Road Rule #38: Follow the devs.
9-figure pay day. Coinbase’s Chief Product Officer is stepping down and will cash-in on a $105M exit package on his way out. He will also keep ~250k shares of Coinbase worth ~$12M, at todays prices. Talk about a nice pay day.
Bitcoin going legal? Three Arizona Senators introduced a bill that would make Bitcoin a legal tender in the state. If it passes, voters could choose to make virtual currencies tax-exempt in 2024.
The best-performing asset award goes to….Bitcoin. Goldman Sachs has ranked Bitcoin as the best performing asset in the world in 2023.
Uh-oh, Oreo[verse]. Oreo is launching a new metaverse where Oreo lovers can play cookie- themed games and enter sweepstakes for prizes.

Final words:

US stock break resistance and need to hold above to get bullish bias back. If this is fakeout we could se really big rally back to new lows. Stay updated and read blog!

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Im still bearish in structure only clear hit and hold above 21500$ on btc will show me bullish bias for next realise rally on crypto!!!

Not Financial Advice!

Good luck with trades!


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