FED will not slow rate increase this year!

FED will not slow rate increase this year!

Dear traders,

FOMC say it will not slow rate increase in 2023 and that hit market and stop grow.

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BTC make break into bear flag on 1D chart and get rejected. On 4H time frame BTC hit upper price resistance target of 17.000$ and get rejected from it. It is 19 days of consolidation in range of 500$ price action is squeezing next big move is coming soon. Copy trade TrendRiderV2 in week make 10% of total wallet profit.


ETH make up move and get hit by resistance and stopped. Show no strength for now and take consolidation before next market move. Break and hold above 1260$ can make move up to 1320$. For small SHORTS and copy trade take StormRider it makes +10% in week.


XRP make liquidity grab and turn back to consolidation range. Wick for short targets want to be filled and can turn XRP to 0.3$ range.


LINK hit resistance target of 5.9$ and turn back to support of 5.73$. Breaking of this 2 ranges will decide LONG or SHORT setup.


SOL hit resistance at 14.2$ and turn back to 13$ range. For next leg up need to hold over 13.5$. Break of 13$ will aim for short targets 12.5$ and 11$.

Crypto/stock daily news:


Ladies & gents, Samuel is back.

He’s reemerged from the shadows of his parent’s basement and made his way to Manhattan Federal Court.

And we were able to get our first good look at the 2023 Samuel.

To be honest, he looks:

Like he just crammed in a semester worth of biology the night before

Like his Christmas stocking was filled with Adderall & Taco Bell

Kinda like a monster from Where The Wild Things Are, based on his court sketch.

Why was Samuel in court? To see how he’d plead against the eight charges he’s facing. Among them: wire fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, money laundering, & fake veganism.

(Okay, not that last one.)

How’d Samuel plead? NOT guilty.

That’s right … After weeks of Samuel’s “I’m Sorry” Tour, he walked right up to the judge, looked him straight in the eye sockets, and told him he wasn’t guilty.

So, now what? The trial date is set for Oct. 2, 2023.

His former colleagues, Caroline Ellison and Gary Wang, already entered guilty plea deals with the government. Does Samuel follow suit? Do their testimonies give prosecutors the evidence they need to convict?

Who knows. Until then, Samuel will be free playing League of Legends on bail.

Final words:

Market reacts with FED news and stop grow. Let’s see how bull are strong can they hold sell pressure. Price action is squeezing and big move is coming so be careful place stop loss close!

WE ARE STILL IN BEAR MARKET don’t be fouled by small scam pumps stay at your TA and don’t trade by feelings!!!

Not Financial Advice!

Good luck with trades!


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