FED Powells speak 14:00 UTC. Big moves coming!!!

FED Powells speak 14:00 UTC. Big moves coming!!!

Dear traders,

Today we have FED Powells speech be prepare for market moves in both direction. Yesterday pump was retraced and hold and showing no strength for now. BIG news week is in front of us.

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After BTC broke 17.000 resistance it push to resistance line close 17.400$ and be push down by stock market move. Today we have FED speech and market will move with that news information. If you are in profit close deals or set stop loss.  Copy trade TrendRiderV2 in week make 10% of total wallet profit.


ETH break 1320$ and hit big resistance at 1350$ after retrace range of 1320$ hold as support. FED speech will make market turn.For small SHORTS and copy trade take StormRider it makes +10% in week.


XRP break pattern and retest it and aiming for 0.36$ resistance line. Still slow in grow after alt rally up.


LINK break 6$ strong resistance and 6$ hold as support and showing strength for next grow in next resistance targets.


SOL break all resistance lines and stop at 16.3$ with aim at 17.6$ big resistance. If market news come bad it turn it back to 13$ range. Great pump more 100% from low price!!


US dollar index is at STRONG support and looking like retest of pump and aiming for first leg up 108 index. If DXY grows up crypto and stock dump. FED speech will show will support hold.

Crypto/stock daily news:

Cardano founder launches new hospital called “Hoskinson Health & Wellness Clinic.” Patients will be able to pay using Cardano’s native token, ADA.

SuperRare cuts 30% of its staff. Another one bites the dust.

Hedge funds are being subpoenaed by U.S. prosecutors to investigate relationships they had with Binance. Binance is being investigated for alleged money-laundering violations, and things are heating up quicker than Uncle Ben’s 90-second rice.

U.S. federal prosecutors have set up a website to talk with people that lost money with FTX. It’s kinda like the 1-800-I-GOT-FTXED hotline.

KEEP your long term bags out of exchange!!!

Final words:

FED speech will make market turn today so be online for news update. Market slow bounce and breaking resistance and gong for next resistance target. This week we have big numbers on stock market so next move will be huge and show market direction for next months.

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WE ARE STILL IN BEAR MARKET don’t be fouled by small scam pumps stay at your TA and don’t trade by feelings!!!

Not Financial Advice!

Good luck with trades!


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