Ethereum will FLIP Bitcoin & CARDANO to be #1 Crypto!

Early Bitcoin Believer Davincij15 on WHY he is betting BIG on Ethereum. Ethereum vs Cardano, Solana, etc. What is the better investment?

All right, you mentioned Ethereum now. Ethereum has gained so much in just public favor and just protocol development in the last couple years. It’s certainly different from when it came onto the scene in 2014. You’re not a bitcoin maximalist. What are your thoughts on Ethereum today?

 Well, I believe that Ethereum will eventually outperform Bitcoin right now. It’s sad that it didn’t do it this cycle. But I should have realized that they had put all the management tools that they had under their belts to keep the price of Ethereum under wraps. One of the things that we could talk about is some of the key things that the government and banks have done to both bitcoin and Ethereum in order to keep depression and keep the pressure down on them, but eventually the manipulation that they applied to Ethereum won’t hold and it’s going to be a very explosive ride eventually and it will outperform. Why is that? It has a greater use case than bitcoin. Its use case is basically just money, but it has but Ethereum has a larger use case and a sense that it can be replaced by all of the financial activity that’s going on in New York. So everything that New York City would be doing options on, like puts and calls, stocks, whatever, bonds, whatever you want to do, you could do it all, all the complex finance, all on Ethereum, and once that happens, you can probably see that there’s a lot of money and wealth moving in that direction. There is a lot more than actual bitcoin, as you can probably see. And then it all requires Ethereum in order to run. As a result, Ethereum is likely to outperform Bitcoin in the future.

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You mentioned that you expected Ethereum to flip Bitcoin this cycle. You expect it to happen eventually. Could you talk about that more, and then also talk about: “Do you think something will flip Ethereum, like Cardano, Elrond, or Avalon?”

Let’s start off with everybody’s favorite Solano. I think Solana is going to flip Ethereum. You know, the main thing that Solana’s selling point is that it has cheaper fees, right, and yeah, it doesn’t even have an EVM. But yeah, an EVM may stand for an Ethereum virtual machine. So it’s like your cheaper fees are the only selling point. So what happens when 2.0 comes out and all the fees drop to the knife edge of next to nothing? What salon is good for Solana? Crashing? There’s a simulated ticker symbol. It’s SOL, sometimes online right. They’re pretty much SOL, not sometimes online right. You know what I’m saying? You know what the real expression is?

Yeah, so it sounds almost like you’re an Ethereum maximalist. You believe, you know, Ethereum’s the best L1?

So far, because what’s the point, you know, when you talk about other L1s that are to provide, you know, come Smart contract execution. A lot of them have what’s called an AVM, which is an Ethereum virtual machine. Where did they get that from? From Ethereum. I mean, come on, and why do you do that to make it compatible? So your Solana contract code runs on mine. So you don’t have any difference, right? Other than that, I have more capacity to run more applications. Yeah, well, what happens when Ethereum has zap capacity? What are you going to do then? So they’re finished. The ones that don’t have an Ethereum ADM, that have their own contract based language, have a massive uphill battle because all the developers, to code in Solidity, not in their language. What you’re going to do is going to be a tight thing. It’s going to be a really tough race. I say it’s impossible. It’s just saying that. It’s really tough.

I was going to ask if you could give us your thoughts on Cardano. Because I’m sure there are people commenting right now saying, “Well, Da Vinci, you haven’t looked into Cardano. Cardano is the thing. But it sounds like you’re critical”.

 I’m not critical as much as Cardano. I’m just wondering what to do. They provide more from others than these normal statements of, “We’re better, faster, blah, blah, and blah.” What else do you provide? That’s orders of magnitude better than Ethereum? Can you say point to something that’s orders of magnitude better and you can say “Don’t tell me, oh transactions, more transactions’ Yes, Ethereum’s going to have that, so don’t discount that. What do you think about your orders now?

What about composability?I just know that there’s a ton of these layer ones that you’re not able to access because the dapps aren’t all able to talk to each other on the same chain. But with that said, I know Radix is big into composability. Cardano is the same thing. Everything’s able to happen on one single layer and get it done. I’m no developer, but that’s just for the buzzwords.

Okay, I agree. It is a valid point. For example, Ethereum, what they’re planning to do for their upgrade? It is create 32 different chains. And because they’re separate chains, right, that means that the one chain cannot run the application. On one chain, the application cannot communicate with the application on another chain. That is what you’re trying to say. Now, yes, there you go. You do have a point that will be a differentiating factor. For example, Cardano, if they can maintain, if they can really truly have large numbers of transactions running, right, and all on one chain, might tip the scales. So, that’s why Yes, you’re right, that could tip the scales, but again, they have an uphill battle in order to get to that point, and I’m sure Ethereum 3.0 will probably fix that in the future.

I don’t know if you’d be willing, but this is what the people want to know, if you had a top 3-5 altcoins going into 2023 and beyond.

Oh man, okay, its bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance chain. I guess that’s not an altcoin. So let’s let me throw in another point. I would hesitate to throw in Cardano. I hesitate. The reason why I hesitate is that it will get destroyed in this bear market.

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