Eth Address Tracker & Watcher Wallets

When it comes to keeping your hand on blockchain’s pulse, Ethereum remains among the most often favored networks for DAPPs. However, navigating the crypto ecosystem is not exactly a piece of cake, especially for beginners. The all-level essentials of crypto operations include the know-how of tracking them. The simplest way to start tracking your eth wallets/addresses would be DeFi Dashboards, but you can actually automatize and smart-manage this task with Blockchain explorers.

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Choosing a Watcher Wallet

With almost any eth-supported cryptowallet you might be using, your fund movement history should be available to you. This is the bare minimum of keeping posted on the status of your transactions and the time of their execution. An in-depth analysis, however, requires a power-up that is an eth address tracker — a kind of search engine for your cryptocurrency of choice.

Here, we’ll look closer at the two major go-to options for tracking and monitoring. These will be the already popular top Etherscan Address Tracker and its counterpart Ethplorer who is certainly not a new kid on the block-chain, either.

Etherscan Address Tracker & Watcher

This one is a top-dog blockchain explorer that for years has been providing smart contract users with capabilities of search, analysis, and API development. Since its launch in 2015, it has remained an independent project revolving around the Ethereum community. It maintains its mission of providing equitable decentralized access to blockchain data.


Using Ethereum-based implements like Etherscan, you can easily see balances, monitor fund movements, and view wallet addresses on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Its features are as follows:

  • simultaneous servicing of numerous accounts;
  • list filters and sorting options to choose the operations of interest;
  • redirect to Uniswap/Etherscan with just one tap on the selected coin, tx or any other address;
  • alerts and push-up notifications inform you of any changes while the app is staying on guard of your operations over multiple accounts.
  • goes easy on your eyes with optional Light/Dark modes.

This explorer requires no registration; however, you’re free to create an account for extra features, such as enabling alerts to get advised on incoming funds, obtaining access to developer tools, and setting up and modifying your own data feed. You won’t be able to use Etherscan for trading directly as there is no in-built crypto wallet feature or a storage for private keys. Expect to make use of it as a smart contract database and a blockchain knowledge base.

Final thoughts

Etherscan really comes in handy with keeping track of existing fund movements (including those of other people you follow). For as little as $3 you’ll get a neat bunch of managerial features with decent functionality (bookmarking favorites, enabling/disabling notifications, choosing account coins, coin details). Users can easily access BSC Scan, PancakeSwap, Handoff, sync with their iCloud etc.

The app is a one-time purchase and it periodically receives updates with new features on user request. Thanks to the universal purchase, buying it on iPhone allows you to access Apple Watch and MacOS app gratis.

Ethplorer Tracker

Ethplorer is a kindred spirit to Ethscan in that it strives to provide all the essential operation tracking and contract interaction capabilities. Users get to track and retrieve all the minutiae for any operation or Eth address. In addition, you’ll receive helpful analytics and exhaustive token information, along with analytics on the addresses and history balances.


Overall, Ethplorer focuses on giving you access to valuable data on Ethereum and all digital assets employing its various token standards. In addition to getting hold of statistics on ETH-powered activity and transactions, users receive the ability to track eth tokens. Here’s what is doable with this tool:

  • Observing balances, volumes of trading operations, and transfers on a token or daily basis;
  • Accessing the history of your holdings, calculated in USD;
  • Tracking portfolios for a required crypto address;
  • Viewing data in all-inclusive balance and operation charts;
  • Viewing price charts in Line or Candles mode;
  • Automatically watching and receiving e-mail updates or Telegram notifications on incoming/outcoming funds from any address;
  • Looking up tokens, names, addresses, tags etc, using the customizable search engine.

Final thoughts

With Ethplorer, it’s easy to tag and write down any operation, crypto address, or even individual tokens. Users receive the full measure of app functionality without registration. For both beginners and veteran sharks of crypto accounting, it permits managing accounts with merging, exporting and importing options.

Many appreciate the apps’ ability to save the fund operation/address access history into a CSV file, accompanied by historical prices for later trend analysis. Its display widgets and token API are certainly usable in what comes to exploring marketing possibilities. Finally, with what they claim to be a world-class Bulk API monitor, users have no limitations on tracking numbers of tokens and addresses.

A Quick and Dirty Comparison

Keys nuances of Etherscan

  • Comes with the Gas Tracker for calculating those volatile gas fees;
  • Enables crypto enthusiasts to monitor any of their eth wallets down to a single micro-operation;
  • Allows referencing the crypto assets in possession or tied to a public wallet address;
  • Allows exploring and confirming the legitimacy of smart contracts;
  • Able to monitor fund movement in real time while they are happening on the blockchain;
  • Able to establish whether a smart contract has a verified source code and security audit behind it;
  • Able to keep tabs on a multitude of smart contracts authorized with the user’s wallet;
  • Allows reviewing pending, retracted, and failed operations;
  • Allows reviewing and revoking access to a wallet authorized with any decentralized application (DApps)

Keys nuances of Ethplorer

  • Makes it possible to keep tabs on operations and referencing the balance of a particular blockchain address;
  • Provides access to eth-based tokens, analytic graphs, and address-specific operation history;
  • Allows managing ERC20 and ETH tokens with no need to log in to your wallet;
  • Allows trace a limitless quantity of tokens or operations tied to specified addresses, all thanks to the world-class Bulk API monitor;
  • Gives exchange experts, investors, and brokers detailed cryptocurrency analytics.