Earn $5000/Year – Crypto Tricks 2021

We all have heard this quote saying, “Put your Money at Work while you Sleep”.

Every rich person say if you want to be rich then put your money at work . So today we will talk about a way where we can earn money while sleeping and in fact $5000/year or even more many time .

This quote is truly suitable and fits best in the crypto currency market, In crypto currency market you can make money while you sleep, if you invest in some of the finest project. 

We can make $1000, $5000, $10000  monthly depending upon the amount of crypto currency we’re holding in our portfolio, and it’s very easy and possible to make around $5000 – $1000 yearly as well (as per holding). 

Today I’m briefing about a platform, named “Defirate”  which provides the best lending rate in crypto market and can help to earn us a good amount of money by simply lending those tokens or coins which we’re just holding in our wallet. 

Link to the defirate website: https://defirate.com/

Defirate helps you to earn a passive income by simply putting your money at work while you sleep and provides you the best market lending rate. 

We should not ignore this anymore and let’s put our USDT, USDC at work and earn a good amount of money monthly. 

In our previous videos we have discussed about  DEFI PULSE, where you can easily monitor what is going on with Defi projects.

Link to Defi Pulse: 

I will just show you the overall data of the Defi project like,
Total amount Locked under Defi Projects:  $40.35B

Also we can monitor the different projects working under Defi Platform Like Lending platforms, DEXES, DERIVATIVES, PAYMENTS, ASSET .

Here is a small tip to earn the best out of it, check the below steps and you can do so:
Step 1: Go to DEFI PULSE website: https://defipulse.com/

Step 2: Select ALL

Here you can check out the top Projects under different platform, as we can see from the below list Maker is the top leading project built under Ethereum Block chain which is under Lending category. 

After Make we can see Aave and Compound on third, both the projects are under Lending Cateogry and is built on Ethereum Block chain.

As we can see,  there is around 5.71B USD locked under Maker, which clearly answer us why  the price of Maker has raised so far because people have locked and lend the Maker Token. 

 Under DEXES the top projects are Curve Finance, Uniswap, SushiSwap and more we can see the below projects, and we have seen these projects giving multiple profit multiple amount of times.

Now let’s move to DeFi Rate and discuss how it will help us gaining maximum through lending our tokens. 

Website: https://defirate.com/

As we have already discussed what DeFi Rate is let’s move to the next stage how we can earn. 

Go to the https://defirate.com/lend/ , here you can easily check out the best platform for lending your token with lending rate. 

Moving Right we can see the platform, moving bottom or down we can find the tokens.
Let’s understand this with the example with the above token, as we see DAI which is a stale coin which is equivalent to $1 USD, Fulcrum Platform provides the best lending rate over all the crypto platform which is 17.93%p.a , and these rates keep changing daily. 

  • Tip:
    Here is a tip for all the readers, try Fulcrum as it’s the best lending platform with the best lending rate. 

As we can see it gives 19.56% p.a on USDT which is maxium lending rate offered on USDT over all the platform, if we have put $10000 it could be $1956 over a year by simply putting our money Idle we could have let it in work to earn some decent money. 

Fulcrum is highly hyped up project so you can also check out the it’s native token which is BZX, as new token gets listed we can accept a good move in it.

Check out the Fulcrum Lending Rates on different Tokens.

Don’t just set your sit on your wallet move it to DeFi Rate to earn some decent profit. Also one of our favourite exchange none other than other Binance, Binance also provides a decent Lending Rate, which you can check here: https://www.binance.com/en/my/wallet/account/saving
You can have different method of earning from here like Flexible,Locked, and Saving.

Explore as much as you can and just earn by simply sitting at home.