Earn $1,600,000 with Jet Bot in Binance Futures Spring Trading Tournament

Jet Bot participates in Trading Tournament

The Binance exchange launches the Spring Futures Trading Tournament.

The tournament includes:

  • a Top 10 Team P&L competition,
  • bonuses for Top 20 Most Popular Team Leaders,
  • Daily ROI Rewards,
  • and prizes for Picking the Top 10 P&L Teams.

There is a total prize pool of over 1,600,000 USD to be won!

Join Jet-Bot team and participate in the tournament with us!

Instructions how to join Jet Bot team:

  1. You should have registered Binance Futures account. You should have $10 min. balance on it.
  2. Log in to your Futures Binance account at https://www.binance.com/en/futures/BTCUSDT
  3. Just follow direct link to join the Jet Bot team –https://www.binance.com/en/futures-activity/tournament?referral=685-39487102

Or use an alternative way to join Jet-Bot team:

1. Open the tournament webpage by following the link – https://www.binance.com/en/futures-activity/tournament?Landing

2. Scroll down the page and find “Select a team” section.Binance Tournament

3. Enter “Jet Bot”

how to join jet bot team

4. Click “Join” button

Congratulations! Now you are in it to win it!

Competition dates:

  1. Sign-up period: starts from 2021-03-02
  2. Competition period: 2021-03-17 to 2021-04-01
  3. Voting period: 2021-03-02 to 2021-03-25

How the winner will be decided:

All teams trading Coin-margined and USDⓈ-margined contracts on Binance Futures during the competition period will be ranked based on their total Team USDT Profit (total sum of all individual team members’ USDT Profit, whose profit >0).

BUSD pairs are recommended for trading

Please note that ROI from BUSD Futures contracts will be multiplied by a coefficient of 2 when calculating the daily ROI for each run. So it’s recommended to trade in BUSD pairs.

Team rewards:

  1. 1st ranked team will receive 30% of the prize pool.
  2. 2nd ranked team will receive 20% of the prize pool.
  3. 3rd ranked team will receive 10% of the prize pool.
  4. 4th – 10th ranked teams will equal split 40% of the prize pool.

Vote for our team to participate in $20,000 prize pool!