Dogey Inu Meme Coin Price Prediction: 2022-2025

What’s up ladies and gents today, we’re checking out Dogey Inu another meme coin in the crypto space which is pumping right now you can see despite the bearish sentiment in the market. The upheaval that we’ve seen recently. This little Dogey new coin is up 9.39 against bitcoin and up 12 against Ethereum market cap is very small, just 1.2 million dollars. So, it doesn’t mean it’s super super volatile but there is still potential for a big 10x or even more here in the future for these low cap jams so do stick around.

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Dogey Inu Meme Coin Price Prediction: 2022-2025

What is Dogey Inu?

If you want to learn more about this Meme coin and if you want to discover the next potential 100x meme coin which I think will be the top 10 meme coin in the future. So, this Dogey native token is Dinu rank 1 350 in the entire crypto market. As we can see, we have had a massive surge of volume just recently, so it’s pretty cool to see. It might have been an exchange listing. I’m not really sure if we look at the market so far. It’s only on Uni Swap v3 so far no centralized exchanges, nothing like that but we are starting to see a bit of a pump here looking one year ago. This particular project traded at a much much higher price of 0.70. I believe 4-0 and the market cap all-time high for this was historically where we were about 16.6 million. So, 16 times higher than where we are currently today you can see that meme coins are still performing really well despite the bearish sentiment in the market looking at the hourly time frame. We’ve had a lot of different projects doing rather well over the 24 hours as well we’ve had some big gains too in seven days also.

Dogey Inu Meme Coin Price Prediction: 2022-2025 photo

Dogey Inu Community

So, let’s kind of check out what’s going on for these cryptos dodgers down. Shiba is down but a lot of others are looking really really good on the daily time frame. So, let’s have a look at the Dogey initiative. This is the twitter right here Dogey official. Dogey twitter account community bill defy token in anticipation of pulse chain pls. To be honest they don’t tweet with their audience too much. But, it does look like they are kind of active and they’re still quite transparent with their users. They’ve not just completely slipped away which I think is quite important. If we look here at the top Meme tokens by price performance last 24 hours. You can see these are the last or most recent pumpers. 

So, we’ve had pokemon doge floki zoro inu and doji inu is over here with one of the highest gains in the last 24 hours sitting at 29 percent of really big stuff in the crypto markets. At the moment Dogey,  this is the token right here a D5 Meme token with a strong focus on community. Notice how community is such a trend with Meme coins because they really create the network value word of mouth community is everything with Meme coins, a new crypto coin birthed by fans and members of shiba inu community. Dogey new dooney is an experimental community token the goal of dojino is to bring people from all over the world together. Together you achieve financial freedom, possibly who knows what could potentially happen to different features. We’ve got lock liquidity, token burning, we’ve got a road map as well as freemium which is kind of cool.

Dogey Inu Meme Coin Price Prediction: 2022-2025 picture

Observing charts 2021

You can see here 97.9 is locked as well and you can get op tokens. So, that’s really really good helps raise the floor price and reduce volatility during bearish phases 50 supply burn of course reducing supply making things deflationary is always good for the price too makes it slightly more scarce and here is the road map. So, already it looks like they’re on phase four 10k holders on the way so still quite a small project. They haven’t really achieved a hundred thousand yet which is good and that just means there’s big upside potential for this project. So, dino, in my opinion, is in a supply phase accumulation range. We had the massive parabolic rally here in May 2021 that led to distribution. 

Let’s actually open this chart up a little bit that has a distribution phase right here. As you see all the way down now, we come into this accumulation range which we had between july and october 2021. Then we had another rally. We had another parabolic rally, a big impulse wave up to some crazy swing high. Let’s just get our price range and the increase was crazy. I mean you’re looking at six thousand nine hundred percent. That’s what these meme coins can potentially achieve but the opposite can happen too and we’ve corrected 97. So, you’d pretty much lose everything if you held from the top. But, I do identify that we are now in another accumulation range where there is still a lot of volatility. We are trading sideways in this ascending channel currently as you can see the volatility of the swings are looking like 87 percent movement.

Dogey Inu Meme Coin Price Prediction: 2022-2025 image

Has it got potential? 

So, really big volatility we had this ascending triangle here or ascending channel. But, now we are actually consolidating sideways in this channel. So, hopefully, we can break to the upside. If we were to get that breakout take our info line support to resistance it looks like a 47 breakout potential is here. That will take us all the way up to the 0.056 levels which is quite a big increase from where we are at the moment because we are currently at the 0.29 levels. So, it’s possible that we do get a bounce here depending on the amount of volume that comes through. We have had a load of volume here on the 15th and 17th of July. Over the last few weeks, it’s just looked really really bullish. 

So, if you did catch that bottom here when bitcoin crossed the 200 week moving average. You’d be up a massive 273 just by investing in these so-called coin Meme coins whatever you want to call them. That’s certainly a much bigger gain than what bitcoin has had to offer even though the risk is much much higher. So, in my opinion, that’s probably what’s going to happen. We are still in a macro downtrend here for this project. But, long long term if we look at the historical sort of data what’s happened here take our fib retracement where are we there we are swing higher to swing low maybe this year It’s still possible to wipe off a zero maybe it’s possible I’m not 100 droid. I can’t read the future for you.

Dogey Inu Meme Coin Price Prediction: 2022-2025 graphics

Pre-sale Dogey Inu: what happened?

But, we could break out retest, come up to this resistance here and then get a big swing high up there. I do think a key resistance level or a good target to try and hit for Dogey would be this 0.081 price level. So, I anticipate a breakout here, maybe, we test the horizontal channel as support then bounce off try and retest this major major resistance at 0.08. If we can break through to the upside that would be amazing. But, I doubt any all-time highs this year. In my honest opinion, I do think this is over-exhausted. It’s already had its parabolic rally. So, it’s very hard to say what can happen here. I do think there are alternative Meme coin options which would be much better at the moment as well. I mean recently on this channel we looked at battle infinity. So, this was a crazy pre-sale. It’s a sports based fantasy nft game and since it launched it has sold over 700. I made a good 3x on my money and you can see even despite the bearish sentiment right now. It hasn’t moved down too much, so we’re looking at another project right now known as Tamidoge.

Dogey Inu Meme Coin Price Prediction: 2022-2025 today

This is a pre-sale i’m extremely excited about some of those the plea to earn dogecoin already sold out the two million dollar bailer sale. You can see already like they’re on these big publishing sites. They’ve got lots of exposure marketing and PR strategy in place 100 secure. So, security is key transparency and trust solid proof audited and fully verified by coin sniper as well that’s very important. They’ve got the tower verse you’ve got the terminologies only 2 billion supply tax free deflationary – super good! It’s on the Ethereum main net as well. Tamar’s pets are your NFTs.

We’ve got tamados games and leaderboards. I am super stoked and I think this will be one which really will pump in the future. So, this is the entire ecosystem, really bullish vision with that road map here too and like I say big things crazy. Things are going to happen for this project because we called battle infinity. We got it right and we’re calling tomorrow drow and we’re going to get this one right as well. I am just someone that speculates. In my opinion, it’s not sensible to put 100% of your working capital into Meme coins to keep your risk low. But, if you’re a high risk high reward method then just go full send. But, of course it’s not my choice, it’s down to you to do your own due diligence and do your own research.

Dogey Inu Meme Coin Price Prediction: 2022-2025 this month

Just make sure you’re happy with whatever you put in if you lose it. Then you’ve got to accept that you’ve lost it. You can’t kind of feel bad about it. It’s kind of it’s gonna always sucks it always sucks. But, you’ve got to put in what you can afford to lose so far 6.88 million dollars has been raised of the 8.5 here. The hard cap is 19 million dollars which is hopefully going to be achieved by q4 2022. I do believe the pre-sale ends then too and there are already centralized exchanges in the pipeline such as elbank. I imagine there are rumors of many many more centralized exchanges which this will launch on. So, that’s, of course, really really good for the price so time for those to check it out. I’ll leave some links down below for you because this is gonna be a huge one. I can feel that I’m a holder of this full disclosure and I will be adding to my position little by little. So, let me know what you think about this Dogey Inu which do you think has more potential?

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