Do NOT Sell Your Cryptocurrency in 2022 (You Will Regret It!?)

I really want people to think of it as the family farm. I’m living on this beautiful farm because my grandfather, or my great-great grandmother, came here and said this is where we should make a life, not sell it. This is my vehicle to achieve my goals and my children’s goals. – says Michael Saylor

When do you stop buying bitcoin for micro strategy?

Never. No, I tell people, we will be buying Bitcoin at the top forever. – answers Mr. Saylor.

I want to share with you the latest news involving Ethereum, involving NFTs involving low-cap altcoins and, of course, why you may regret selling your cryptocurrency in 2022. At least Michael Saylor’s views on why he’s not selling. And another noteworthy and beneficial development is that the Jet-Bot platform for Binance exchange may allow you to earn an annual percentage yield of 200 percent to 2,000 percent. To become one of the best traders, copy the best traders and automatically follow all of their trades.

Do NOT Sell Your Crypto? Michael Saylor Explains

You know, my outboard is very long term and the reason I say do not sell your Bitcoin is because if I look back at my life as an investor, the things that I regret are when I found a really good idea and I under-invested in it. You know, Google was a good idea. Facebook was a good idea. Apple was a good idea. Amazon was a good idea. A digital monopoly that changes the world for a billion people is a good idea, and yet the most common two mistakes after finding a good idea are: the first mistake is when someone says something, they talk crap about your idea. There’s a fud oh, Australia is going to tax Google or somebody’s going to regular Amazon, it’s going to get regulated or something will happen, and so people panic. And so whenever there’s anxiety in the market and you panic sell, and then you never buy back, you regret that. The second thing you always regret is that you wish you had bought more. It’s a very simple idea. Put the money you want to give to your grandchildren, convert it to Bitcoin, put it in cold storage and wait. Let the rest of the world do the work and you’ll be the beneficiary of all the intelligent people, no matter where they might be in the world. You’ll be the beneficiary of all their work by doing nothing else. There’s only one mistake you can make. The biggest mistake you can make is to study the world, get anxious about something going on somewhere in the world, and sell your Bitcoin. – tells Michael Saylor.

All right, very interesting. Do you agree with Michael Saylor? Or do you disagree? I guess to me it all comes down to this: are you a trader or are you an investor, and what are your time horizons?

Kevin O’Leary Goes ALL IN on Crypto (Coinberry Acquisition)

Next, let’s get to some news. DeFi is only growing bigger as Kevin O’Leary backed D5 platform WonderFi to acquire Coinberry for $38M. WonderFi Technologies has agreed to acquire cryptocurrency exchange Coinberry in an all-stock $38.3 million deal, meaning that Kevin O’Leary continues to dive deeper into the cryptocurrency exchange game. And just as a reminder, the Coinberry deal comes on the heels of WonderFi’s $162 million acquisition of First Ledger Corp, the parent company of crypto exchange Bitbuy.  In a direct quote from WonderFi CEO:

‘This acquisition further establishes WonderFi as a leader amongst crypto companies in Canada and, along with our acquisition of Bitbuy, provides a great framework for our expansion into the global markets in 2022.’

News stories like this make me happy. It tells me that DeFi is only growing bigger and the infrastructure for traditional finance to enter is being laid today. Bullish!

Hyundai Becomes FIRST Car Manufacturer for NFTs!

And before we get to Altcoin’s next piece of NFT news. Hyundai becomes the first car manufacturer to release community NFTs, so the organization will launch 30 limited digital collectibles in collaboration with the NFT brand, Meta Kongz, and they’re not just getting into NFTs, they’re getting into the metaverse as well.

The South Korean car giant – Hyundai Motor Company – released a film depicting the “Metamobility Universe’. I guess this is their version of the metaverse – metamobility.  In the film, the “Meta Kongz” gorilla character drives from the Earth to the Moon, representing how mobility opportunities could transcend time and space. The movie also teases a shooting star-shaped NFT that will be launched in May.

In a final direct quote

‘The Hyundai NFT universe will extend the Hyundai brand experience, especially with the MZ generation, in a completely new way, further reinforcing our commitment to innovation in both the real world and the Metaverse. We are extremely excited to introduce “Metamobility” through our own NFTs and start this journey with “Meta Kongz”.

I guess what this means for you and me is that Hyundai will obviously be an ethereum holder now or whatever blockchain they launch off.

Radix Aggressively Scaling into Babylon Upgrade

The next piece of lower cap altcoin news is for Radix. RDX Works is proud to introduce their new Chief Marketing Officer, Jeremy Epstein. Jeremy will be front and center in the Radix community, leading the charge towards true DeFi at scale.

Radix is aggressively scaling their marketing efforts right now in preparation for their Babylon Roadmap Upgrade coming at the end of this year.

Let’s go over their Babylon update and what that means for you. Now that the dust has settled following their major release of Alexandria, they’re straight back to the planning and implementation of the next one. In this case, Babylon, and each release builds on the last. Radix is an L1 platform in this space specifically built for DeFi, and with the Alexandria upgrade, they launched their Scrypto-programming language.

Going forward, the goal is now to add additional elements of system design required to bring Scrypto -based smart contract capabilities to the Radix public network, making Radix the home of the next generation of DeFi dApps and their developers.

So the next upgrade will be a move to bring the smart contracts and the dApps onto the network. What will this Babylon update entail? At the network protocol level, Babylon will add the ability for developers to contribute to and use the on-ledger blueprint catalog, essentially making it easier and much better for developers to develop on Radix.

So that’s the incentive for developers, but what about the users? What will this upgrade bring for the users?

To create a complete DeFi solution, even in its initial form, we have to provide an array of tools and services to make it easy for users to access this new capability and bring their assets with them, and to give developers confidence that Radix is the right home for their dApps. We need (and are working on) an all-new DeFi wallet including mobile, a new form of Explorer, heavily refreshed API and SDKs to interact with components and more powerful assets, updated Instapass and Instabridge capabilities.

So with that, Babylon begins at the end of Q4 2022 with the final mainnet migration completed by the end of Q1 2023.

4th Largest Ethereum Hack in Crypto History

The next piece of news involving a major hack on ethereum. The Ethereum DeFi protocol beanstalk got hacked for $182 million. Here is what you need to know.

In the fourt- largest decentralized finance (DeFi) exploit to date, a hacker reportedly used a flash attack to take $182 million in Ethereum, BEAN stablecoin and other assets from the Beanstalk stablecoin protocol over the weekend.

And while they stole almost $200 million, what did they end up actually keeping?

According to security firm PeckerShield, the hacker stole only $80 million from the Ethereum-based project, with the remainder used to pay fees on decentralized exchanges and loan services such as Uniswap and Aave.

So over half of the money stolen was used to pay fees on Ethereum. That’s wild. Obviously, flash loans are incredibly risky. Be careful if you’re getting into DeFi, and I guess final thoughts on what the hacker is doing with the money today.

PeckerShield says that $80 million has already made its way through Tornado Cash, a coin mixing tool used for privacy – and, in this case, for laundering ill-gotten gains.

Be careful, this is the fourth largest exploit in crypto history.

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