Digital Products That Make $500+ PER DAY

All right, so, here’s the deal. If you’re not selling digital products, you’re missing out on a lot of revenue. I’m going over the top 10 digital products that you can start selling today from anywhere in the world ‘ve spent way too much of my time sorting through all the thousands of different digital products that you can sell. I’m confident that these are the best opportunities for most people.

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The first digital product we have on our list is selling notion templates. You should be able to sell single templates for 10 or less or sell in packs for between ten to fifty dollars each. If you haven’t heard of Notion, it’s a really useful tool for organization note-taking and collaboration. There are templates that you can make within the platform that you can easily sell for around ten dollars each. Do you know that in 2019 Notion only had 1 million users whereas today they have over 30 million? That is a huge amount of growth within a short time. It’s the reason why notion templates are in such demand with that tremendous growth, all the new people joining need templates that can save them the time of organizing. For example, there are templates made specifically for students that are aesthetically pleasing easy to use, and good for organization or note-taking. They’re also templates aimed at content creators and influencers who want to use the Notion for Project Management. There are pretty templates aimed at any type of niche in the world. So, this presents a lot of opportunities for people to actually develop all these different types of templates. I’d personally create a bunch of individual templates and then combine them to sell in packages of let’s say five or ten this should capture a lot more revenue than just selling those individual templates. For example, JT Barnett’s on TikTok sells his entire Notion pack with over 10 templates for 49. So, you can go get inspiration from others that are already doing this the great thing is that. This is a digital product that doesn’t just apply to Notion.

You can make templates for each of these platforms which are going to allow you to capture more sales. You can also individually coach people on these platforms. But that’s creating your time for money and with template packs, these can sell 24 7 at 100 profit margins and allow you to build passive income. So, super great way to get into the world of digital products.

Next up we have selling pdfs which is great for anybody that has expertise or a passion that they want to share with others through downloadable content, any information of value that you can give through a pdf. You can have a 10 to 20 guidebook for people that are getting into real estate teaching them. What to look for when buying a property or a five-dollar resume template for young people looking to get into the workforce. You can also do checklists planners, how-to guides recipes, really the possibilities are endless. These pdfs usually range between five to thirty dollars each. So, by no means are they high-ticket digital products that are good because it makes it easier to sell similar to the Notion templates.

You’ll find that it becomes lucrative. Once you start selling packages bundles and add-ons that give people even more value which, of course, will allow you to charge an even higher price another cool thing about creating pdfs is that you don’t actually have to make money off of it right away. You can instead offer it for free as a lead magnet when people sign up on your website, so that you can grow your email marketing list and make a profit later down the line with other digital products. If you want to get started with selling pdfs, the easiest ways to design them are through websites like Canva, Google Slides and also using programs like Keynote. Once you’ve finished designing, you can export it into a pdf and upload it onto your website your course or a platform like Thinkific, Gumroad or Etsy. Overall, it’s a really solid way to get into the digital space with very little overhead. Plus pdfs on average are way easier to make than many of the other digital products.

The next is digital art which encompasses any artwork that you sell digitally online. You can create logos for youtube channels or brands, you can create and sell downloadable patterns or wallpaper that people can purchase. The reason why these are so much better than selling physical art is that you’re once again leveraging the power of the internet meaning your art can be shown to pretty much the entire world now. There’s so many different ways that you can sell your artwork. But the one I’m going to focus on is just selling digital arts on a platform like Etsy, when putting your digital art up for sale. There are two main ways that you can list it either as an instant download or made-to-order an instant download would be an image that immediately becomes available after they purchase it and a made-to-order is when you have custom digital art that will take time to customize and make before sending it to the purchaser now definitely prefer instant downloads because you have the ability to make fully passive income that has zero product cost. But, of course, if you want to charge more per order, you can definitely go down to the custom print rep. There are so many people out there selling their digital arts and if you are a talented artist. This is something that can definitely help monetize your passion create the art once listed on an online marketplace. If people like the art they will buy it, just try to be unique don’t copy others, and think about what types of art you can make that become statement pieces, I’m not an artist, so I’ve never done this. But I see so many people crush it in this niche. There’s a pretty big market of people that want art in their home. But they aren’t willing to pay astronomical prices for these large pieces of art that’s why they love digital downloads it’s because they can just literally buy it, get a pdf or jpeg. Then get that art printed on their own going. This route saves them a lot of money and that’s why there are so many people that are in the market for this type of digital art.

So, the next one is my personal favorite and that’s selling online courses which from my experience is the most profitable digital product on this list. Creating online courses is the future and by far one of the best digital products that you can ever sell in fact within five years. I’m hoping that my course sales will make up over 50 of my income with online courses. You can use a platform like Thinkfic to create an evergreen course that sells on autopilot allowing you to make significant passive income. Honestly, Thinkific makes the whole course creation process seamless and easy. It’s a single platform that can host unlimited courses for you.

I am super bullish on courses because I think that education is changing from more traditional things like school to highly specialized courses that you can take from home. There’s really nothing more engaging and exciting than learning something new from someone that’s passionate about their field with Thinkific. They allow you to build fully customizable digital products, including online courses, membership sites communities, and digital downloads. So, many of the things that we talk about. It’s really an all-in-one space that gives you all the tools and resources you need to build or grow a scalable sustainable digital business that can transform your life. They’ve helped thousands of different creators achieve their personal goals whether it’s watching their business take off. So, that they can spend more time with their family or building a passive income stream that lets them travel the world now. I’m currently in the process of building a course on Thinkific right now. It’s a game changer, you will absolutely love it. Basically, you’ll want to identify a skill you have and it can be really anything from productivity to making websites to copywriting or SEO – really the list is endless. You’ll package up your knowledge into a series of videos, assignments, quizzes and other lesson types that will take your clients from start to finish, for example, how to start from scratch and make 500 a day as a freelance blog writer. You’ll then want to give out free value on social media to build an audience and that would be a great starting point for getting sales to your course. I’ve done this myself. I know tons of successful course creators and it’s a formula that just works. If you want to take advantage of this shift in education. I highly recommend trying Thinkific out and the best part is: they have an awesome plan that is 100 free. So, if you want to get into course creation and i’m rooting for you to go crush it.

Next up is selling membership to a group of people and this should make anywhere between 10 to 100 per person/per month. If you are someone who already has people coming to you and seeking your expertise when it comes to a certain field. You may want to create a type of membership or subscription service where people can pay a monthly or annual fee to be a part of your group. This could be for things such as what you’re currently buying and selling in the stock market. Workout plans, general life advice, access to bonus content publications and more the great thing about this type of digital business is that it doesn’t require a lot of cash on hand to get started. The cost of running a membership-based business is very low and payments are recurring which means that you don’t have to sell a new product every single time. I will say that this does take a lot of time and mental space. Especially, if you’re going to be doing things like one-on-one coaching calls now as far as the potential revenue goes. It’s really up to the person running the business. In this case, you could easily create a group for ten dollars per month or put in more effort to scale it up to as high as you want it to go.

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