We’re gonna be talking about Mark Zuckerberg ‘s Metaverse, and how it compares against cryptocurrency metaverses out there. We’re gonna be talking about ripple, how that lawsuit is going. We`re also gonna be talking about some bullish predictions about cryptocurrency prices going higher and what is going on with Safeway in cryptocurrency as well. We’ll also take a look at the crypto prices today, so how’s the overall crypto microphone today.

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Mark Zuckerberg

Let`s kick off with this massive article and have a look at it. You can sell items in the Metaverse, but Meta will keep a nearly 50 % cut. So. Mark Zuckerberg is planning to build out a massive Metaverse with Facebook which is now turned into Meta. He is planning to take a 50 % cut of all transactions that happen in his Metaverse. So, selling virtual items in his Metaverse. But, we do have some bad news for Mark Zuckerberg and that is. We do think if people see that 50 of their sales on Facebook you know Metaverse are going back to Mark Zuckerberg and they’re not going to want to participate in his Metaverse. Therefore, he wouldn’t get mass adoption and I do think there are other metaverses out there that are more rewarding than now what Mark Zuckerberg is building and some of them might be like another Metaverse crypto. A lot of you are fans of his MetaHero and another one that’s on the rise is Luna one, we’ll have some updates about these ones as well in the future.

Once I get some time but Mark Zuckerberg charging 50. We don’t think that’s going to help out his mass adoption at the end of the day. If no one adopts Mark Zuckerberg ‘s Metaverse, it’s not gonna really take off and this is not a crypto Metaverse. This is the corporate-run Metaverse. But we’ll see in the future how that one goes, we also have some big news about ripple.

The ripple CEO says the XRP case has gone exceedingly well. The CEO of ripple labs says the lawsuit was brought by the US securities and exchange commission against him. His company over XRP has gone exceedingly well. He stressed this case is important not just for ripple. It’s important for the entire crypto industry in the United States. This is a really interesting development and the SEC might be after ripple because ripple is potentially innovating the way the banking industry can work.

You know maybe the SEC is not too happy with that and they want to slow down ripple’s growth. There is a big lawsuit about whether XRP is a security or not. It seems to be dragging on forever. We want a resolution of this lawsuit and I’m hoping ripple does come out with a positive outcome for this one and the price of that crypto can go up. But good insight right there – we also have an update about what economists are predicting about the fed’s response to inflation. They’re saying it’s going to push cryptocurrency highest. If you’re tuning in from the United States, Australia any country really right now. There’s a lot of money printing going on and one of the reasons. We’re in crypto is because it does provide a bit of a hedge against cryptocurrency and it says right here Allianz

Сhief economist advisor Mohamed El Airan says the federal reserve’s response to inflation will cause the prices of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin to go higher. That’s what you get when you’ve waited too long to recognize what inflation is and to take action. So, absolutely, inflation will push up the price of cryptos. There are other things, inflation will push up stock prices and also commodity prices as well.

What we are? We are battling inflation, so you have to watch out for inflation. I do think cryptocurrency does have a lot of potentials to combat inflation right there, but nice article.

What is going on in safe mode? So, there is a lot of drama happening with this cryptocurrency to say the least. What’s happened there? There have been some big videos dropped about Safeway. What is kind of potentially going on behind the scenes? So, to say the least, there is a lot of fun going on with this cryptocurrency. People are asking questions in the Reddit put out by coffeezilla. What is happening with the Bitmart? The deal potentially was bitmap paying John Caroni directly in regards to money that should have gone into safemos liquidity and things like that, but what I will say in this regard. In cryptocurrency the best thing to do when flood grows, so it doesn’t matter what crypto currency you’re in. The best thing to do when legitimate fud pops up. So, when fud kind of comes into crypto and think about your crypto like this. I do think you know the best thing for the safe moon to do John Caroni to do in this situation is to counter the flood. The counter communication is the best option. So, if there are accusations out there about things. The safe room team has done in the past with the crypto.

Explaining exactly what’s going on with the crypto or even dispelling debunking some of those things is the best pathway. So, communicate exactly what’s going on with the crypto and the other thing that combats fight. A lot of different cryptocurrencies are going to be the performance of crypto. So, performance, and it doesn’t matter what crypto you’re in.

You’re hitting roadmap goals earlier than what you say you know the fight’s going to disappear so if you’re performing well potentially that’s going to lead to a price increase. If you’re getting adoption, if you’re underperforming and you’re setting expectations and you’re not meeting those deliverables. What’s gonna happen is floods – gonna crop up. So, it comes down to communication and performance. That’s what i think is important for safe men to do in this situation.

We haven’t officially had a direct update from John Caroni about what is going on with safeway. I think it’ll be really beneficial to the Safeway community. If John currently does address some of the fun that’s out there and you do want to combat the fun and minimize the flood. That goes for all types of cryptocurrencies. So, you communicate and explain outperform that is how you can strengthen your cryptocurrency and increase the price of a cryptocurrency. If the fund grows too strong, what’s going to happen if the army will potentially thin out? The price of crypto will drop. So, it will come down to your communication and our performance is well of the crypto. So, that’s a bit of an update from me. We’ll see how John Caroni in this situation by the end of the day. He’s the CEO, he does all the decisions and all the communication too. So, that is the guy you need to be looking for in this situation right now for safe mode.

The crypto prices

How are the crypto prices going in the market? If we have a look at this. It’s a green day for most cryptos out there, So GMT is up 42. Congratulations to GMT holders! There’s also a lot of other cryptos in the green today, so we got eight coins up 10.

Luna is up 16.9 and a lot of other cryptos are going very well today – it as a green day on the market. What’s that being caused by? So, that’s been caused by Bitcoin’s price going up right now.

So, Bitcoin is going up 2.6 %. Currently and uh you know that’s lifting up a lot of the other crypto markets so is that tying into some of this other speculation going on about inflation, pushing up crypto prices pushing up Bitcoin prices potentially. I am still bullish on cryptocurrencies, in the long run, I am bullish about a lot of the altcoins and at the end of the day you know what’s it going to come down to it will come down to that mass adoption so i do still think we’re very early in the crypto space. Strong leadership and that can get mass adoption in the long run so a lot of cryptos will come down to that mass adoption, especially for those metaverse plays like you know Mark Zuckerberg’s one, if he gets no mass adoption expect the price of Facebook/Meta to drop and, hopefully, these other big ones can get mass adoption too. So, evident MetaHero and Luna one as well. l hope everyone’s crypto journey is going well.

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