Crypto Trading Bot 

Once anyone decides to become a crypto trader, he has to consider that it is a 24/7, stressful, and risky job. You can’t pause it as the market is constantly changing and highly volatile. The rate is jumping up and down so fast that people can’t respond promptly. There is an endless cycle of eternal accounting, infinite analysis, and, of course, trading. But decentralized community created a savior for all digital asset traders. This savior is an algorithmic protocol that can help automate trades on platforms. A trading bot can successfully maintain routine instead of the user by repeatedly performing tasks. 

These protocols tirelessly track the situation on the market around the clock and never miss a chance to make a trade at the right time. They don’t have emotions and nerves, unlike humans. Their decisions are based on computing power, analyzing data, and solving mathematical equations. Crypto bots have many options, such as rebalancing the account, managing the portfolios, data collection, and intelligent protocol execution.  Bots can save users from the boring part of trading. 

What is significant about trading bots is total automation. Sometimes there are such sophisticated strategies of trading that it is impossible to execute just using human resources. But when you involve a trading bot, the whole process comes to the next level. Advanced traders usually program their bots to gain the best result. They can fulfill large orders.  

How to create your crypto trading bot 

You can have your bot and make some profit with it on the Jet Bot platform powered by GT-Protocol.  Other members can use your trading bot and share with you a success fee. If the bot proves itself well among the community, it can show up at the beginning of the top-bots chart and become the best crypto trading bot ever. You can set up your custom bot on the platform by choosing many options such as short or long strategy, amount,  and other settings. The bot will make a market analysis to find the most appropriate proposition. After the required price is defined, the newborn bot will start a deal.