We have some big crypto news to talk about today in the market. So, we’re gonna be talking about the metaverse – can you potentially live forever in the metaverse? Very interesting topic. We’re gonna talk about that we’re talking about Russia, grayscale ETF as well. And we’re also gonna be talking about Metamask and Apple users. We will also take a look at the crypto prices today and where they potentially can go in the future.

Sonium Space

So I did see this really interesting article, posted over on vice and it says Metaverse company to offer immortality through live forever mode. Sonium space is developing a way for people to talk to their loved ones even after they die. All it requires – is massive amounts of personal data. This is really strange science fiction, almost integrated into the Metaverse. Let`s have a look at this. There is life forever mode a forthcoming feature in Sonium Space that allows people to have their movements and conversations stored as data. Then duplicated as an avatar that moves talks and sounds just like you. You can continue to do so long after you have died and people will be able to talk to their dead loved ones whenever they wish. So, this is extremely interesting and it’s almost a little bit spooky. It gives me vibes of blade runner 2049 and what they were doing in that movie, but very-very interesting indeed, a little bit spooky. but I just wanted to bring you that because it is a very interesting innovation that is coming out of the Metaverse and also we have this big update as well.

A bill on digital currency

Russia finalizes the bill on crypto potentially accepting it as legal tender. The Finance Ministry drafted a bill on digital currency and sent it to the government for approval. The draft clarifies provisions on mining and trading cryptos. Cryptocurrency is playing a very interesting and important role in political conflicts around the world and we did see CZ of Binance – ye was aware of this. However, there is no known timeline for exactly when this is going to be implemented. And they will be looking like to be copper cooperating with Africa on crypto and CBDs as well. You know potentially Russian oil is going to be payable in Bitcoin as well. Very interesting developments

What’s happening right here? You know just something to be aware of in the crypto market because crypto is playing a role in political conflicts right now and I’ll have a look at this as well. So, grayscale is a massive institutional holder of cryptocurrencies. “It’s a matter of when not if the sec approves Bitcoin spot ETF,” says grayscale CEO. So, we are seeing some bullish outlooks about a spot ETF for cryptocurrency. They say “It really is in our opinion a matter of when and not if there is a bitcoin spot ETF, if the sec can’t look at two like issues the futures ETF and the spot ETF through the same lens. Then in fact potentially grounds for an administrative procedure act violation, so this is really interesting. Could the sec possibly violate legislation in the USA? That is what greyscale is hinting at right there. And that grayscale is one of the biggest bitcoin holders in the world. It will be very interesting to see what happens and I think big picture if this does happen at Bitcoin spot ETF.

I think it would be very good for the crypto market. It’d be very good for Bitcoin holders out there because there is a lot of institutional money on the sides. Big institutional money doesn’t like to dabble too much directly in crypto, but they will bind to regulated securities that do have a bit more protection. Sometimes if you ask people to go directly into crypto they’re a little bit hesitant. So, if you own your Bitcoin directly, if you own your old coins right now in your own wallets – Metamask trust wallet ledger things like that. I think you are way ahead of the curve personally and something to be aware of as well.

A security front

Security is always important in the crypto space. Metamask warns Apple users over iCloud phishing attacks. The firm warned that if an Apple user has enabled automatic iCloud backups of their Metamask wallet data, their seed phrase is being stolen online. So, guys, be very careful about this. Potentially, if people could fish your credentials, fish your password, get into your account, you have your meta mask seed phrase backed up on iCloud. Potentially, malicious actors can get into this and they have said “There is a report an NFT collector, who goes by reviving underscore dom on Twitter, who stated on April the 15th that their entire wallet containing 650 000 worth of digital assets. NFTs were wiped via this specific security issue. It is really important to pay attention to this and now if you have this some of the key takeaways. A serpent said in this article to use a cold wallet where you can never give out your verification codes to anyone, protect your personal info, don’t give out your phone number or your personal email, call information is easy to spoof. Companies, like Apple, will never call you, so always be really careful in the crypto space.

The crypto prices today

So, how they track on the market and it does look like a little bit of a day of red in the market. I’m not too worried about this at all, but you can see basically most of the cryptos are down today. In the top 100, we have XCN, which is a well good performer on the market today – up 7.8 %. We also have another one – decreased up 17.1. Congratulations to those holders! The rest of the market does look a little bit in the red today. So potentially, there could be discounts on the market today and you can see what it’s been caused by. So you can see a little bit of a decrease in the price of Bitcoins – when Bitcoin drops, you know, the whole crypto market generally drops down as well. So Ethereum’s down 4.4 percent, this is down 3.6%, XRP is down 5.8 % again. The rest of the cryptos’re gonna be down today, but again in the long run am I worried about this? Absolutely not. We’re in crypto for the long run, I do think bitcoin has a lot of potentials. I do think there are other big elephants in the room. We like to talk about the national debts of countries the printing out of money and these are alternative monetary systems that have a lot of innovation today, do have a lot of potentials. I am bullish, one day about Bitcoin getting to 50 000 dollars, getting to a 100 000 dollars. Plus, I think it’s a matter of if not when but as always make your own decisions in the crypto space. It is a high reward high-risk market.

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