Crypto news and daily update by Top Trader JAKE 14/02/2022

Crypto news and daily update by Top Trader JAKE 14/02/2022

Dear traders,

As your Top Trader I’m happy to announce you that I will start daily BLOG with main crypto news and coins charts to help all Jet Bot traders in making Technical Analysis (TA) and price prediction.

Good luck to all and happy trading!

TOP Trader


Big market moves are expected today as FED interest hikes rates is realised. If rates stay in 0.5% no big moves on market will be. Interest rate 0.25% will make bull market moves, and 0.75% will make bear market moves. For your safety stay out of market until dust settle up!


On daily chart BTC was rejected by uptrend resistance line. CPI come bullish and hit upline od channel in price of 18.100$. Today we expect news from FED and possible retest of uptrend line in price of 18.100 -18.200$. Stay out of market until new hikes news come!!!


Make bullish breakout on symmetrical triangle pattern and hit 1350$ resistance and retest it at 1320$. Good small long position in range 1320-1350$. For longer swings wait for FED update!!!


Try to breakout bullish but stay in pattern range. Wait for clear invalidation for long or short position. Still in downtrend pattern!


Break Bullish flag and make retest. Long continuation possible entry price 6.8-6.9$ small leverage. Trade carefully with proper stop loss!

Crypto daily news:

SBF (CEO of FTX) has been arrested. Here are his charges (per NYT):

  • wire fraud
  • wire fraud conspiracy
  • securities fraud
  • securities fraud conspiracy
  • money laundering


TOP Trader