Crypto news and daily update by Top Trader JAKE 19/12/2022

Crypto news and daily update by Top Trader JAKE 19/12/2022

Dear traders,

After NUKE last week we are ready for new week dumps. Prepare for both direction trading and short every pump!

Not financial advice!

TOP Trader


This weekend after dump BTC stay in range of 16.600-16.800$ showing consolidation before new bigger market movement. On smaller time frame we get bear flag pattern with target price of 16.000$.


ETH make bearish downtrend with RESISTANCE price 1190$ and price target 1072$ .Good for small SHORTS and copy trade StormRider we make +5% in week.


XRP make full bearish with downtrend continuation to range of 0.315$. XRP show weakness on daily and slowly moving to target price.


LINK consolidate after breaking bearish an price action show continuation of dump price. Take small shorts or copy trade our top traders with Link bot.

Crypto/stock daily news:

Binance saga!!

Users have withdrawn $8.8b and deposited $5.1b within the past week.
That’s relatively small compared to the ~$58b Binance still has in reserves, but there are whispers that the exchange could be in trouble.
Why? Binance’s reserves have been in the hot seat recently.
After the FTX collapse, everyone wanted to see other exchanges’ proof of reserves. We were all screaming for proof of reserves like Jerry Maguire.
So Binance released an audit report in November to try to calm some nerves. Some people weren’t convinced though. Here’s why…
CZ told CNBC that it’s because the big boys don’t know how to audit crypto exchanges.
And the firm worked with Binance on an agreed-upon procedure, or AUP, which…is not a full audit or a stamp of approval that everything is accounted for. 👀
A former SEC regulator of 18 years called the whole thing a “red flag.”
Ex-Kraken CEO Jesse Powell called bullsh*t, too.
Oh and that French auditor, Mazars? Today it said that it’s pausing all crypto services. The link to its assessment of Binance’s reserves is completely offline now too.

Final words:

At start of this week we will see no big volume because of end of year and institutional traders are going to vacation so be averse of small volume pump/dump.

After nuking stock market small pump is possible today and now we are in FULL bear market so every pump need to be SHORTED. Not Financial Advice!

WE ARE STILL IN BEAR MARKET don’t be fouled by small scam pumps stay at your TA and don’t trade by feelings!!!


Good luck with trades!


TOP Trader