Today we’re going to take a look at the crypto prices. I want to give you some insight. Why do I think the crypto prices are down currently, where can they go in the future – everything you need to know about the market? We have some bullish news. We’ll also talk about some fud that I think has decreased the prices, but we’ll talk about both sides of the Bitcoin.

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Let’s kick off with some bullish news right here, so finance to drive crypto and blockchain awareness among Indian investors. It says right here crypto exchange Binance announced the parallel launch of three key educational initiatives to fast-track education of Indian investors and students about the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem. I just want to pause right there and point out. This is really bullish news so people really underestimate how big India is, there are a lot of people over there. What’s important is more crypto adoption, so finance is taking some good steps here to do some favorable education for the Indian market and again the more people who get into cryptocurrency understand the value the better. It is for everyone right there, so some bullish news to kick off with right there on top of that we also have some big news coming out of Russia as well. Binance is blocking newly sanctioned Russian launch cards for Ukrainian refugees.

Binance blocked accounts tied to Pelina, Kovaleva and Elizaveta. I’m not sure if I pronounced that correctly and they’ve also launched a refugee cryptocurrency card for displaced Ukrainians. So, very interesting stuff right there. Binance worked with some global authorities to sanction the Russians or those people on the sanction list expanding. The sanction list is also issuing cryptocurrency refugee cards to the Ukrainians involved in this conflict. Very interesting development right here and with the card. What can you do? Does it say it’s designed for Ukrainian citizens who were displaced? It will allow displaced Ukrainians to make or receive crypto payments and complete purchases at retailers in the EEA who accept card payments. So, it’s for Ukrainians and they need to be living in the European economic area.

So, good stuff from Binance helping out people who are unfortunate victims in this whole conflict there. So, Binance is getting involved in politics and just a reminder global crypto adoption hasn’t really kicked off right here. So, we have this tweet coming out of luck Davis who is a big influencer in the market. He says right here there are two countries where Bitcoin is legal tender. This is huge and you can also see CZ chiming in with this one and he says r no one wants to be the first, no one wants no one dares to be the last more soon. What does this mean? This is important to understand because we’re still very early in the whole rollout of cryptocurrency. So, Bitcoin is only legal tender in two countries. What do we want Bitcoin legal tender in all the countries out there? So, still extremely early days in the crypto market and I think we’re in early and also we have some other fun updates. 

This one includes doge as well. This is Mark Cuban – is a very wealthy part of Shark Tank and he says right here, we add an optimistic roll-up to doge everyone puts up one dodge for unlimited posts. If anyone contests a post and humans confirm. It’s spam. They get the spam as doge spammer has to post 100x more doge if it’s not spam the contestant loses their Doge Dao for the win. You can actually see Elon Musk replying to this whole thread so we did predict right here. Elon Musk has said that Twitter is not a bad idea. What is it going to do? Why is it important to keep up to date? What is Elon Musk saying? It’s because it’s going to start to integrate cryptocurrency. It’s probably going to start to integrate Dogecoin a lot more and at the end of the day for cryptocurrencies to really have value, a lot of it will come down to that utility. Where is the value? What’s the use case for it? 

If Dogecoin does get some more utility embedded into Twitter as part of a 3 platform. I think that is very bullish right there so some cool updates coming out of Elon Musk and we have to talk about some fud in the market as well. So, it’s important because I do think this is the reason why the crypto prices potentially went down a little bit today. There is some old fud coming out soon from old guys, who hate cryptocurrency. They hate Bitcoin and they have tried their best to fight Bitcoin in the past. It’s the joy team of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger and they are railing against Bitcoin currently. They’re doing big speeches and basically fighting crypto currencies saying it doesn’t have much value at all and they are just typically just fighting the crypto market as they love to do. Warren Buffett says right here if you offered me all the Bitcoin in the world for 25 – I wouldn’t take it, and does that sound like the words of a hater. I think it does. I think one thing these guys do not understand? Is that you know with cryptocurrency? It does provide an alternative to fiat currency and with fiat currency. You’re almost like a guaranteed loser in the long run. We do know all national currencies out there generally. What happens is they keep inflating away. 

You can see the US national debt clock climb up right here. It’s past 30 trillion, it’s going to keep going up one day. We’re going to see this at 40 trillion 50 trillion. What does that mean it just means every time they keep printing out lots and lots of money your prices of goods and services. When you go to the shops when you fill up your car. The prices are just going to keep going up with more and more money created. But cryptocurrency provides an alternative, if you’ve got cryptos like Bitcoin limited supply and if people buy into that system use that system to see it as a bit of a store of value. It’s a hedge against some of this fiat currency which at the end of the day is like dust money it’s going to basically decrease. We’re almost forced to buy up assets with our money because of inflation. How lax the central banks are about dealing with inflation. It’s almost like you have to buy into other assets that won’t get inflated away. That’s kind of the game you’re forced to play. As always not financial advice but that’s personally what I like to do so I don’t like to hold too much cash in my own financial portfolio. We do know with U.S inflation, we do know with government inflation around the world. You’re basically going to lose a lot of value. So, today I would say you know a lot of the dips in the crypto prices coming out of some fud by Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger that is just some fun you need to be aware of but again this is old fud and they keep saying the same thing in my opinion.

Let’s take a look at the crypto prices today. So what’s happened to the crypto prices again day of red today a lot of the cryptos are generally down, not too many winners right here on the market and if we do take a look at the crypto prices on Coin Gecko. It’s going to give us an indication of what’s caused you can see a little bit of a dip in Bitcoin down 1.4 percent. You can also see Ethereum go down as well 1.5 a lot of the other cryptos, they’re down today to five six-ten percent but I think again. If you have a long-term view of cryptocurrencies. What’s going to happen in the long run, I’m a believer of the crypto prices going up in the long run to kind of count at some of this inflation. But that’s my own analysis as always. Make sure to make your own decisions, do your own research in the crypto space and that’s a bit of a look at the crypto prices today with some important news. 

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