Copy trading pricing algorithm update

Dear users,

To increase quality of Jet-Bot services we developed a new algorithm of copy trading subscriptions price formation.

A new algorithm will automatically increase the subscription price of copy trading bots which have a lot of subscribers. At the same time bots which have just few subscribers will become cheaper.

Important information for veteran users:

If you are an old user and you already bought subscription in previous month  -  you can prolongate your old bot subscription at old price.

To take advantage of this opportunity - please contact @Jet_Bot_CS at Telegram when you will want to prolongate your bot.

A goal of this update is to spread user subscribers across different copy trading bots equally.

It’s important for quality copy trading because too popular bots could face the issue of not enough liquidity on the exchange. 

If a bot has too many subscribers  -  deals of this bot starts to affect the spread on the exchange. In this case part of bot subscribers could miss the opportunity to close their opened deals.

With this update platform new users will start to buy cheaper bots. In this way users subscriptions will equally distributes across all available copy trading bots and all copy bots will provide max performance to all platform users.

Best Regards

Jet-Bot Team