Consolidation before next pump/dump take your positions!

Consolidation before next pump/dump take your positions!

Dear traders,
Resistance is still strong and many coins are just under resistance and Alts leading break up.

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BTC show no strength for break up and now price is trading under 28k and on small time frame there
is big bearish pattern. Still slowing in momentum with small volume.


ETH hit resistance and now trading at support. Need to hold above 1860$ to get power for next leg
up. Good position for small long if support holds.


XRP consolidating around 0.5$ and there is still no power for next leg up. Looking bullish only if holds
above 0.5$.


LINK slow in volume and bleeding slowly still no power for push up. Good for spot buy for long term.


SOL consolidating at 20$ for too long and next push will be a big swing up or down. BTC will show
direction for now it is bearish on the small-time frame.


DXY still can’t hold above 101.9 and show no strength for push.

Crypto/stock daily news:

In case you missed it, Twitter has a new look… the logo and loading button have been changed to the Doge symbol.

Yup, Elon hit us with the one thing that catches eyes and cuts through hearts: the puppy eyes. And it worked…
Everyone was talking about the new logo, and DOGE pumped 30% within a few hours. As of now, it’s still up 25% since the logo change.

But here’s the kicker: no one knows why Elon did it…
It could be a big partnership. It could be a delayed April Fools Joke since the 4 people left on the tech team are probably backed up. Or it could just be Elon meme-ing us…

We all know Elon loves his Doge[coin] and has hinted at using it as a payment method on Twitter before. So he’s either got a big announcement coming soon, or he’s just pumping his bags, again.
Who the hell knows anymore…

Final words:

All coins are at resistance chose one that is lagging after other coins and what is close to break out right to the top.

Copy trade GROW 0.1->10k$ since 18.03 we got +20% which is great for start.

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Sentiment Is now BULLISH and real test for bulls are this week.

Not Financial Advice!

Good luck with trades!


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