CONGRESS vs. BITCOIN (Congress Spreads Misinformation About ECO-FRIENDLY Bitcoin)

Bitcoin advocates Rebutta missed leading letters sent to the EPA Finance chips in to help Elon Musk pay for Twitter and IceCube is down with the Doge.

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Congress vs Bitcoin

Let’s get it on April 20th congressman Jared Huffman sent a misleading letter to the environmental protection agency about his concerns with Bitcoin mining and its environmental implications. Huffman’s letter was backed by 22 other democratic members of Congress. The facts in his letter seemed willingly embellished and falsified his intent was nothing short of egregious. Do you think they’re going after Bitcoin because they truly care about air water and noise pollution or because Bitcoin is a threat to the legacy system in response to their feeble attempt to kneecap? Bitcoin mining Michael Saylor tweeted out that certain members of Congress sent a letter to the EPA premised on several misperceptions about Bitcoin mining. We have authored a response to clear up the confusion, correct inaccuracies and educate the public on their rebuttal letter co-signed by Jack Dorsey and Mike Novogratz to name a few to clear the air with accurate facts to set the record straight. If you take the time to read Congress’s letter and then read the rebuttal, there’s a few good laughs in there for sure Huffman and Congress were incorrect on basically everything

They said one of the biggest misconceptions about the letter from congress is that there was no distinction between a data center and a power generation facility. Castle island ventures told block works. It’s not really the EPA’s mandate to say, what you’re doing with the data center is environmentally damaging because it’s not the data center actively causing the damage. It’s the generation of power and that’s already regulated. Keep in mind the power grid like the ones that powers your house is on 24 7 and that energy used to be wasted while you slept Bitcoin actually optimizes leftover power and puts that energy to work. Huffman also incorrectly stated Bitcoin mining alone produces almost 30 700 tons of electric waste a year. 

Truth is that fact comes from an old research paper and the claim that Bitcoin miners produce enormous qualities of e-waste is purely academic fantasy. I go on and on about everything they said and why they were wrong but what infuriates me about this. The most are the fact that 23 members of Congress would back something without even looking into the facts. It says a lot about why so many things are out of whack in this country and why so much time and money gets wasted arguing over inaccuracies. Do you know who does get into facts?

The current prices

Let’s jump in and do a little market watch as Bitcoin is absolutely dumped today. Bitcoin came in at 36 351 down eight percent for the day, Ethereum coming in at 27.39 down six percent for the day. Not a good day for crypto. We’re gonna go straight to the top losers guys. GMT down 17, ZILLIQA down 14, Phantom down 14, Gallon down 14 near, Protocol down 14, AR down 13, AXI Infinity down 13 8, Coin down 13 on the day (46 on the week). Then if you look at our top movers, the only thing green here are stable coins and Anchor protocol. Literally, everything else is red. Listen! Bitcoin goes up. Bitcoin goes down. This didn’t really come as a surprise to me as we were moving down to those summer lows at about 29k. I think it is possible, but we’ll have to let time tell.

Elon Musk and Binance

We’ve all heard the news that the richest man in the world. Elon Musk purchased Twitter for an absorbent amount of money 44 billion dollars to be exact since then several companies and institutions have been chipping in to help finance the Musk takeover states. The aggregate value of the newly reported commitment totals around 7.13 billion dollars, 16.22 percent. What must be paid for Twitter, one of those companies that chipped in Musk’s commitment to endorse free speech is none other than the popular crypto exchange Binance in an amended 13d schedule filed with the SEC finance pledged 500 million dollars to the cause making them the fourth largest contributor. It feels to me like Binance wants to help Musk let the doge out but they’re not the only ones with keys to the kennel. 


O’Shea, IceCube, and Jackson recently tweeted come on with its bill. I’m down with the Doge army if you don’t know IceCube founded the big three basketball league which is a professional three-on-three league. The big three chose to sell the team’s rights through fire tier NFTS which creates ownership of killer threes licensing intellectual property and league-approved products. The aliens are one of the teams in the big three league founding chairman of my Doge wallet. Bill Lee told Cube that he would purchase some fire tier big three aliens as long as Ice Q would accept Doge for the payment to that he responded come on with it. Bill ended up purchasing all 25 of the fire-tier big three aliens for six hundred thousand dollars setting the record for the largest commercial transaction in Doge’s history. Now the aliens will display my Doge and Dogecoin logos on their team. Jerseys and Endorse Doge as the main sponsors. 

This isn’t the only recent bullish news for Doge or Shiba in you. Doge is now accepted by Gucci. Although, this recent hype hasn’t made much of a difference in price in the long term. This is the type of exposure that will eventually take everyone’s favorite meme coin back to the moon. Maybe, my guess is Elon will take it to Mars.

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