BULLS on the run!

BULLS on the run!

Dear traders,
Interest rates come in 0.25 and show market relief for next turn up. It is still possible correction
specially today when more market news is coming but every dip is good entry position for long


BTC hold great and still in uptrend with test of upper resistance line. Market moves will move crypto
today and it is still possible correction before next leg up at 21.200$ and 20.500$ support lines. It is
good time to buy dips and corrections.


ETH broke resistance and consolidating on top. Looking good for next leg up. Trade with small


XRP break and holds support at 0.409$ and now consolidating for next leg up. If support not hold we
could visit lover price range.


LINK break 7$ and now consolidating for next move up. Support at 7$ need to hold for push up.


SOL break resistance and hold above 23.6$ consoilidating on next move up. If support don’t hold we
could see new retest of lower targets.


DXY dump hard after good news on market and now show small bounce from support but still show
no strength. If dxy pump hard we could see all market dump.

Crypto/stock daily news:

Crypto payments could be coming to Twitter.
Elon “Mr Tweet” Musk is throwing back to his PayPal mafia days and developing an in-app
payments function that will first support fiat but could be used for crypto transactions, according
to the Financial Times.
Twitter, despite its recent chaos (and wtf is that For You tab?), still has 240 million daily users.
That dwarfs the number of people using former chief twit Jack Dorsey’s Cash app.
If implemented, this could be the easiest on-ramp into crypto use we’ve seen.
Here are some other highlights:
Musk wants people to use Twitter to send money to each other, open savings accounts, and use
debit cards
It’s all part of his plan for Twitter to be a messaging, commerce-heavy, payments-driven
“everything app”
Elon is asking for VC $$$ to hire engineers and design payment software
Twitter is looking to rake in ~$1.3B via payment revenue by 2028
It’s looking for alternative revenue streams after its ad business took a beating
The goal is to have all the regulatory hullabaloo signed, sealed, and delivered within a year. Then
Twitter will start looking for that green-light overseas.
Dogecoin, the meme coin beloved by Musk and his posse, shot up ~8% after the news before
settling down a bit.
You know Elon Musk is up to some sh*t when Dogecoin is on the move.

Final words:

FOMC meeting show some relief on market but we are still in recession and every dip is now good
opportunity until BTC is over 20.500$ we are in small bull run. Trade with small leverage there is still
possibility of push back and retesting of support.
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Not Financial Advice!

Good luck with trades!


TOP Trader