Bull market back before FED!

Bull market back before FED!

Dear traders,
BTC pushing hard into resistance before FED interest rate increase. First-time market is pricing 0 –
0.25% increase in rates and that is what pushing price hard up.

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BTC hitting into resistance 28.500$ and showing bullish push up. Price is at resistance what is strong
and only great news could push up to 30.000$. Take part of profit and watch for BTC price before
FED meeting.


ETH pushing hard into resistance and 1780$ need to flit to support for next leg up to 2000$. Market
is bullish don’t take big leverage.


XRP make a big push into 0.4$ but gets rejected to 0.38$ resistance what need to hold as support for
next push up.


LINK holds 7$ as support and looking good for next push up. Need to break 7.4$ as strong resistance.
Enter around 7$ is good for LONG with tight stop loss under 7$.


SOL push up strong and now hold 22$ as support and looking to push up ot 24$ resistance zone.
Good to long around 22$ for next leg up.


DXY break down from 103.6 support and looking bearish. Need to hold at 103 to stop rise of market.

Crypto/stock daily news:

The crypto market saw $200B of inflows in the past week.
Bitcoin’s price alone is up 36% in the last seven days. ETH is up 26.5%. And the total crypto market
cap from $918.2B → $1.17T.

Why the influx? A few things:
• Silvergate, SVB, & Signature (all big banks) collapsed
• They’ve set off a contagion in the banking world
• The R-word (recession) is being tossed around…
So people have been throwing their funds into BTC and ETH faster than the Feds can print $300B
out of thin air to bail out the banks.
Investors are clearly seeing the appeal of decentralized assets, and are likely expecting the Fed to
consider lowering interest rates in the future. The potential for lower rates = happy crypto

The crypto community is also viewing the banks’ collapse as a potential I-told-you-so moment…

Final words:

Market push hard up and need to hold this push. Its look like banks is going to be saved with big
money injection so market could pump and dollar dump.

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Not Financial Advice!

Good luck with trades!


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