BITCOIN TO REACH ABOVE $140K AT THIS DATE!!!? (Realistic Prediction)

I want to show you a realistic price target of Bitcoin between 140 and 160 000 by q4 or q1 of 2025.Ii’m going to show you with timing and also with diminishing percentage gains, how this level is very likely to be hit and then we’re not gonna see a hundred thousand Bitcoin this year or next year it’s very likely to be end of 2024 beginning 2025. Make sure to stay tuned.

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Let’s dive in here guys because what I want to show is a potential realistic target of Bitcoin hitting 140 160 000 by q4 or q1 of 2025. How did I come out with this potential target? All right, in the next few yearsbeing realistic now. A lot of people are talking about 100-200k by this year and that Bitcoin’s gonna go to a million dollars by 2025 and stuff like that. But let’s keep it realistic: the trend is slowing down and it’s going to take more time and more money for the price of BTC to go to these insane levels.

 A realistic price target would be a hundred and forty hundred and sixty thousand dollars like I said okay in between 2024 and 2025. How did I come up with this number? Well, this is the brave new coin chart here on the monthly and what I want to show you since Bitcoin’s existence. All right, the first peak that we did create was back in 2011 in June. As you can see here on the chart, we had a little bit of a bear market here for a few months and then the next major big peak was in 2013 in November, which was around 1 177 approximately around that range. I’m not going to be exact on the dollar, but round about that level so I just counted the days right from peak to peak all right how long did it take to reach from this peak to peak, it was around about.

Let me just say here for one second. It is around about 29 months all right so from this peak to this peak 29 months and from this one right over here to this one. It was around 49 months from the peak of 2013 to 2017. It was about 49 months, so there’s 20 more months, as you can see here on the chart. So, also the percentage gains from this high to this high like I have here is around about 3 450 %. All right from this peak, which was around the 35-34-35 to this peak of one thousand one hundred and seventy dollar range. It was about three thousand four hundred and fifty, I mean thirty four X in about less than two years. So, what I see here, how long did we reach the next peak from this peak over here in 2013 to the peak in 2017? Well, it was 49 months and also from peak to peak. It was 1 600 % gain. It was a 16x right, so you could see it was around about 46-47 percent less from peak to peak. As you can see, the gains here are 3450 from peak to peak and from this peak to this peak. It took 20 other 20 months and it was 46-47 % less. Then this peak to this peak.

So, just by looking at this average movement of Bitcoin, how it’s growing and also how long it’s taking to go higher and higher? I’ve analyzed the situation here because it took one and two thirds. It took one and two-thirds of time from this peak to this peak from 2011 to 2013. As you can see, this is why I do have these lines all right so this was the timing looking at this horizontal line that I`ve got here and if I take this one and two-thirds of this one which would be this right over here. This is the time that it took to go from peak to peak so it’s one and two-thirds time longer from this peak to this peak than from this peak to this peak. So, what if we do take that analysis and see the diminishing rewards and the amount of time. It takes to go to the next big major peak. 

Well, looking at the percentage, if we were to take the same amount of time from here to here but now. We are analyzing this amount of time. Well, if we were to do 46 47 less from peak to peak from here then this would be 736-752 % gains which would be around about 140-160 000 to reach the next major peak. So, that is how I came up with these numbers all right 46-47 less than this one and this one right over here is 46-47 then this one. So, what about the timing well if I’m gonna use the same kind of method here, using one and two-thirds from this timing. Well, what about one and two-thirds of this timing? Well, if we take a look, this is why I put these lines over here all right. This is the amount of time from this peak of 2013 to 2017. If I start here from this peak and I’ll take the next two-thirds then this would take me round about this date, November of 2024. You could put another month or a month more or less. This is an average kind of overview of this situation. So, q4, q1 of 2025, where we potentially can reach 140 sixty thousand dollars just by using the percentage gains, diminishing. As you can see, it’s an average situation here. This is how you can see that the gains are diminishing. We are going round and round little by little and also the timing. It is taking much longer. As you can see, these nice round formation bear markets to the peak are taking longer and longer. So, you could arguably discuss that this is going to do something like this all right entering that kind of bear market sideways action in the next few months till we reach here the potential peak.

It’s just looking at timing and looking at the percentage diminishing gains, so just by using those two methods. You could arguably discuss that this is a realistic target. I know a lot of you people might think no Bitcoin’s gonna hit over a hundred thousand this year or maybe next year or it’s gonna hit half a million by 2025. These gains are very low but you can clearly see here like I just explained to you that the percentages from peak to peak are diminishing. So, for a realistic target you need more money. You need more time, adoption is going fast, but it basically is going slow. It’s not going to happen in the next coming months that we are going to hit these levels. It is going to take a few years. 

This article is a transcription of a video made by Andy Bitcoinsensus

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