BITCOIN To $60,000? ALTS UPDATE – LIVE Q&A session!

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  • Questions of readers, Answered by Top Crypto Trader MoneyGuru, it’s a Q&A session. 
  • Crypto Trading and Investments Advises

In this live-stream, he is just answering viewers’ questions. All questions are connected with future events.


In this article, viewers asked may questions. Some of were irrelevant to the topic and some of were relevant. So, here we’ll only show you questions which are relevant to the topic, in eyes of the MoneyGuru.

Q 1. A random person asked him about the Ocean.

Ans. He replied that, he has been investing from a very long time in Ocean and advised to bought at least one coin of it. 

Q 2. About EWD?

Ans. He is expecting that, this exchange is only listed on few Tokens. It is a low volume exchange and there it is performing among top 100. It used to be in top 20 and 50. Otherwise, he is advising to invest on it.

Q 3. A random person asked, that is there any chances of ocean’s downfall?

Ans. He answered, that Ocean is already in little bit of dip. Market could not impact too much on it. Ocean can show a good rally after market gets stable.

Q 4. About BNB.

Ans. It is a very good project. Its future is very bright. Binance is trying to make BNB an ‘Ethereum killer’.

Q 5. Will Dominance ever be at 58%?

Ans. He answered, this ‘Crypto’ field so over-hyped that whenever a big-shot like ‘Elon Musk’ posts people change starts to sell their ALT coins even there is no transaction. So, just follow the trend and if you see dip just buy it.


Ans. He answered, currently SXP has been already given a lot of good profits. ‘SXP’ is ‘CRO’ killer. ‘SXP’ is a Binance’s product. Since the debut of ‘SXP’ ‘CRO’ has been lagging behind. Binance is going to make ‘SXP’ one the best visa card project.

Q 7. About ‘Juld’.

Ans. Everything is good with it but he is advising to not invest on ‘juld’ right now.



Here, we’ll show his advises which he gave during the live-stream.

  1. You should not be greedy while investing or else you might make mistakes and would only end up with loss. one should always withdraw their invest money and invest only with the profits he/she gained.

NOTE: it is also a type of profit, when we sell old ‘BTC’ at high price and buy another at low.

  1. Whenever, you find BNB at dip you should buy it.
  2. BTC has a history of downfall during the session of March. So, be prepared for March session.