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Today for the bitcoin price and what if I told you that there’s one millionaire-maker indicator for bitcoin out there. One indicator which predicted since 2009 every single bitcoin bull market high and more importantly for this purpose, every single bitcoin bear market low. I wanna show you exactly how to read it, how to understand it, how to use it for your own purpose and how to time the bottom. In accordance with that indicator, until the very end smash up the like button to a new all-time high. 


I think it’s like 100 bitcoin trades as well right now raking in 134 000 US dollars in a profit 64 64 65 more or less. I will talk about it. I will talk about my game plan and everything that’s relevant and important right now for bitcoin. Let’s get straight into the content. Let’s get straight into the chat before I’m done and this is the chart I want to start with right. You have the support and the resistance on the weekly candles and, of course, you have these horizontal lines which are the bitcoin halvings. 

As we know after the halvings. We are going significantly higher, of course, every single time in these massive bull markets and as we also know before the halvings. We are finding the bottom for bitcoin, usually bouncing off the 11 years of support. Well, first of all, bitcoin is right now fighting with the 11-year support. Honestly, I want to see it bouncing back very soon. We had a similar situation in 2020 already now keep this in mind. Let’s talk about something else that I want to talk about. Dear ladies and gentlemen, let me actually eliminate a few of these beautiful indicators here. This one the pie cycle bottom and top indicator first of all quickly let me show you the pi cycle top indicator right every single time these moving averages are actually oh I have to go quickly to the day. It’s a daily indicator, of course, to go to the daily indicator to the daily candles, and what you can see every single time. We are seeing these moving averages crossing, we are seeing the bull market high every single time. They were predicting the bull market high also in 2017. 


Actually every single time they are crossing we see the bull market high but now you might ask yourself well the bull market eye the next one is so far in the future show me where’s the bottom. Well, let me show you exactly where the bottom is at least in accordance with that indicator. Let me pull out the PI cycle bottom indicator and you already see here in 2018 we got the cross somewhere around about here and that was, in fact, the exact bitcoin bottom honestly up to the exact day. Let me zoom in and you can fact-check it yourself just search for the PI cycle bottom indicator. I will explain to you also exactly the mathematics behind it just bear with me. Just a few seconds. You can see the same thing happening here where we were crossing beautifully right there in the moment bitcoin hit the bitcoin button insane right I mean absolutely freaking insane and now, of course, the question is what is happening right now well let me go straight into it and honestly. You can see it already actually unfolding on the charts. Let me go back to this historical moment. Everyone was waiting for me to tell you time and time again at least for the last few days. There is no buying volume. 


There is no cell volume, everyone expects prices of 10-12 000 USD. Something I talked about almost a hundred fifty thousand views already is crazy. This is usually how the bitcoin price charts the trading behavior looks at or close to the bottom at or close to the bottom. Now going into this chart. I mean this cross is imminent maybe not tomorrow but within the next few days. We are going to see this cross so this could mean this sounds maybe a little bit funny could mean more sideways action and then we would cross could me another dump towards the downside and then we would cross. However, one thing is for certain: in accordance at least to this indicator it can be wrong. At least, it wasn’t wrong so far the bottom is either in or is within this week, and this, dear ladies and gentlemen, weak bitcoin bottom.

This is a statement you probably don’t get anywhere else.

It’s not but we have to look at when we are trading at historical confidence levels right and when we are having an indicator that was right 100% of the time. This means in the future, we have a high likelihood of being right again. In accordance with that indicator, high likelihood does not mean 100 percent never ever it means it, for example, if you are having a symmetrical triangle in an upwards direction. Maybe 60-70 out of 100 it breaks towards the upset because it’s a continuation pattern three or four out of ten times. However, it would break towards the downside. This is something you have to keep in mind, probability is our friend here and, of course, if you want to be trading this as well. Well, I am having my trade open here 136 000 US dollars in a profit actually on this trade specifically here a hundred percent well if you want to trade as well go down below. 

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