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What do you think? You know, there have been a lot of coins in the past, but now that we’re in 2022 going into 2023, what are the three to five biggest coins in the market?

Well, I would say the US dollar, the Nasdaq, and the SP 500.

All right, you’re not going to say HEX or some of the stuff you normally say.

Oh, you mean cryptocurrency.

Yes, of course.  

They’re not as altcoin, they’re not as all coins, okay. Um, I would say, well, let’s look at the chart here. Let me see. I mean, what exactly is HEX? Hex’s been getting wrecked lately. Is it even big anymore?

99% like all the crypto. That’s what I’d say.

Celsius is, uh, how about I say, what’s the biggest risk of collapse?

Sure, three to five..

The Celsius coin is already destroyed. I mean, it’s pretty wrecked. It’s not really a big coin anymore, but I’ve been kind of harping on that one for a year because of the risks involved in that one. It’s still got a 300 million market cap, which is not that big, but I wouldn’t be investing in the Celsius coin, but I for sure wouldn’t have my funds in the Celsius app. I think anybody that’s still drinking the Celsius Kool-Aid should take their funds off of Celsius immediately because it’s not worth the risk in a bear market of having them lose more money in another hack like Badger because they take your money and they deposit it into DeFi, and DeFi gets hacked all the time. They just barely missed the Luna collapse. They had 500 million dollars exposed to the Terra Luna ecosystem collapse, and they took it out within a day or two of its collapse. So they just missed that one that could have been the nail in the coffin for Celsius plus Celsius UFO. Yeah, they were the CFO’s arrested for fraud and stuff too. So it’s like avoiding Celsius. It’s not just maxi fud, it’s like I got mount GOX coins and still don’t be like me because I got goxed man. Just don’t take the risk; it’s not worth the 10%. Just take your shoes off. Celsius block fi is less risky, but I still do not recommend it. Celsius is at extreme risk, I’d say in the middle of

So, Celsius is a big coin in 2022. What else do you need? Well, at least two more.

Well, HEX, for sure, because HEX and PulseChain and PulseX.

The whole ecosystem of those two, haven’t launched yet.

Yeah, I know, but they’re going to be like, I might consider them all the same thing because, like, Richard Hart owns all of it, right? And um, Ethereum is probably the other big one, all right. There we go.

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