I want to prepare you for 4 big macro events happening this week that may affect you as a bitcoin holder. Starting with what to expect this week next week, meaning this current week is going to be very brutal for crypto. Let’s take a look at the many events happening that may influence the crypto market. By the way, Jet-Bot enables you copy best traders using best crypto trading bots and follow all their deals automatically. Every Jet-Bot account includes a free $100,000 virtual portfolio. Track your trading process any time and get notifications to Telegram. Jet Bot got 100% rating at CoinPayments website according to 7000+ users feedbacks. Copy-Trading allows you earn profits 24/7 without any efforts or issues for you.


After we’ve just had a bit of a relief rally this last week,  the crap is actually getting real as we’re going to enter probably one of the worst, or at least the most interesting, weeks for the stock market, the crypto trading market, and the world markets in general. You’ve got to keep an open mind throughout the week and be ready for everything. Here’s a list of the most important events.

More ‘Big Tech’ Q2 Earnings Reports

It starts on the corporate side with earnings. A lot of earnings this week. It’s earnings season right now in the stock market, and we already had a do with Snapchat falling 35% and losing billions. Now it’s getting real, with much of the big tech like Apple and Microsoft reporting. Bad will cause stock markets to melt and, with a high correlation, crypto.

So much of the big tech reports this week and whether they made a profit or lost money. Obviously, it’s not the best quarter for any company out there, and they will report some losses compared to 2021. Now the question is how bad the earnings reports will be. 

Snapchat just released their Q2 earnings and results a few days ago. Their stock dropped 25% on top of their already falling stock. Even though disappointing numbers for Q2 were very much expected, as soon as the numbers came out publicly, traded shares tanked. 

Of course, that was last week, so what to expect this week? We have Apple, we have Microsoft, and now we’ll have to wait and see. While this is an indirect correlation to the crypto market in the short term, it is a correlation because, like I said, bad numbers for the stock market do mean potentially bad numbers for copy trading crypto in the short term.

On the flip side, it doesn’t have to be bad. You know, I can see a best case scenario where maybe bitcoin and ethereum, maybe those high caps aren’t affected. Maybe only the more speculative, lower-cap altcoins will be affected. Time will tell.

What does Fed mean for crypto?

Moving on to number two, a second big event happening this week is the FOMC. That means the Federal Reserve is meeting, the Federal Open Market Committee is meeting. The Federal Open Market Committee is meeting. The Federal Reserve is meeting on Tuesday.

I would say this is of huge significance to bitcoin holders. In essence, this meeting, the Fed’s meeting, is probably the biggest event of the week where we will actually get a rate hike. Whether that’s 75 basis points or 100 basis points, is yet to be seen, but a 100 basis point rate hike would definitely cause havoc on the markets. As already mentioned, a 75 basis point rate hike last month did make the markets melt.

So last month, they had a meeting. The markets dipped when they raised rates by 0.75%. This month, while this is significant, I do think we’re in a little bit of a different situation. Just being real with you, the market reacts negatively the most to uncertainty or unexpected changes, and because we already saw a 75 basis point rate hike last month and they’ve pretty much told us to expect the same thing this month, this is par for the course in many ways.

If and when that happens, people will be like “Yeah, that’s what we expected now.” If they choose to go the full 100 basis point rate hike or higher, that’s the uncertainty that would be the unexpected to the negative now. Inflation was 9.1%, setting a record high for inflation as per the numbers last month. They’re definitely going to raise it if they have to, but this was a great perspective.

Remember, the Fed goes on holiday after this meeting coming up on Tuesday, so even if we get a dump, expect a pump long term until at least September or November of their next meeting, unless some sort of black swan event happens. There is so much unknown this week.

GDP Q2 Numbers

GDP Q2 numbers, meaning gross domestic product numbers for this quarter. What is GDP? Gross domestic product (GDP) is the standard measure of the value added created through the production of goods and services in a country during a certain period.

GDP numbers for Q1 were negative. If we could get two consecutive GDP numbers down for two consecutive quarters in a row, that is the definition of a recession. This could be the most important event too if it’s done this week, so no guarantees, but be ready for anything because it is still unclear what it may be. The numbers may come out in early August, but if the Q2 numbers are like the Q1 numbers, they will be in the minus and the U.S. will officially be in recession. Even if most economists already knew that was right, a lot of people are already speculating that the constant lying from politicians that the economy is great, the best economy we’ve ever had, could have made it unclear for many. Whenever those numbers come out to be ready for volatility.

US Declares SoE for Monkey Disease?

This week we move on to the fourth event. A recently added event this week is the U.S. deciding whether they should declare a health emergency over monkeypox. The World Health Organization just declared one, and the Biden administration has stated that it will be implemented. I’m not expecting it to be big news but certainly some minor panic. Of course, as a bitcoin holder, just things we need to be aware of.

What’s My Plan for My Bitcoin? (Selling or Buying?)

If you’re asking how this affects me and what I’m doing based on this news, my strategy really hasn’t changed. I like to dollar cost average in to bitcoin on the way down and take profits on the way up. Some people would say, ‘Well, sell. Why won’t you sell? You just laid out four potentially negative effects for all markets this week. Why not sell and buy back later?’ Well, it’s because we don’t know. I would never try to time the market again. I like to buy on the way down and take profits on the way up. That’s me.

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