Today for the Bitcoin price and I am actually right now going all-in on Bitcoin. I am selling my cars, I’m selling watches – everything because something I talked about 11 days ago is happening right now. Something which is a little bit surprising, but after all not so much, of course, I want to talk about my traits, my positions on Bitcoin. This night one triggered at 21 600 US dollars – you see it right now – 34 in a profit. Am I gonna get wrecked on that or not? Let’s talk about that and let’s talk about why I opened this trade?

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I was asking myself why, then I remembered that actually 11 days ago,I will go back to the chart just in a second. 11 days ago, I talked about that. Bitcoin is the worst. I said that Bitcoin was at 30 000. I said hey perfect my prediction is holding, but I want to prepare you with one. I want to provide you with one scenario in case my line doesn’t hold what’s going to happen. Before I go into the charts before I go into my price prediction, I said what next price target I am predicting for Bitcoin. Let me show you this little clip here from 11 days ago here. Look at this, always marking the bottom for Bitcoin. This happened again in the 2020 boom and the thing is now. We broke it, but we did not retest it yet. In fact, not only that. In accordance to that model, Bitcoin should go down and retest the 21-22 000 U.S dollar area. 

Also, the perfect fit right here is in perfect convergence with it. Unfortunately, if all things come together. We should expect another breakdown to 21-22 000 US dollars and now, of course. The question is and as you can see this is exactly what was happening, surprisingly enough. I mean going into the charts Bitcoin went on this downhill jump towards the downside and actually hit both of the predicted lines. We hit the 200-week moving average. We hit my upward sloping support on the freaking dot right and now, of course, you might ask is this now the end for the front before the dump. I mean we hit the targets right we hit the 11 year support, we hit the 200 week moving average which is time and time again always holding yes but just keep in mind it doesn’t tell you exactly where the dump stops it just tells you yes weekly close. We’re gonna go higher from here on the weekly but, for example, in the year 2015 after breaking the orange line the 200 week, we still went down in fact 29.

Let me show you the next example. Let me go up here all the way to the C dump in 2020 where we are close to weekly perfection. In accordance with this model, but after breaking down Bitcoin still went down a surprising 29. So, the question is what would this mean right now. This dump could be over, that’s why I opened this trade. But, of course, we can still get one liquidation week to the downside like 10-20-30 possible. I don’t think this is going to happen, this is with a very high degree of certainty already a good entry point. At least for a hurdle position that is why actually.

Let me go back here. I am already exposed in my trade right. I mean I opened this trade here already. I have more long orders actually. I have another one here at 20 100. So, close didn’t get triggered and i’m keeping this one open. I’m gonna scale lower and lower until I am catching the bottom of that one on a huddling portfolio. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for people one year, two years ago. I showed them this chart with a 200 week moving average. I told them: “Wow! Beautiful!”. I mean look at the last five times in the last 11 years every time Bitcoin dipped down perfect buying. Everyone is saying wow so obvious that is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. If I only get this chance again now. We are there and everyone is screaming for ten thousand fifteen thousand US dollars per Bitcoin. This is the moment you have been waiting for. Think about that.

But, please, do remember, that you should do it only as an experienced trader. If you are not holding your Bitcoin don’t do anything, right? If you ask yourself why you are on the bottom of the bear market on a big boat like this we planned it beforehand right. I mean now iIm actually selling my cars. I want to show you. I am very frugal when it comes to not have my twitter open. I posted it over on Twitter that I’m selling my cast to buy more Bitcoin right. Of course, I’m spending much less in bear markets than in bull markets and I wanna spend less right now as well, of course, because of every dollar. You are spending right now can be worth a hundred dollars in the future. Think about that. 

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