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Today for the Bitcoin price. Just open the charts Bitcoin is going crazier and crazier by the minute by the hour and, of course, now. Everyone on Twitter is screaming. It’s over. Bitcoin is going down to 20 21 22 000 US dollars even below. I remember the times in 2020-2018 when the exact same 20 and 2018 when the exact same thing happened now. The question is: is it over or are there some charts which I’ve been talking about for a few months. Is there something in the charts? We have to look out to understand. What is actually happening right now for Bitcoin?

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Let’s talk about the Bitcoin price. Let’s go straight into it and if you are scared if you are fearful right now about the Bitcoin price. So, let’s look at the chart here, and honestly, we are only going to look at the weekly chart. Every single candlestick represents one week and I am where my drawing stick man is here. I am going to show you something so in 2020, we got this big run up right got the rejection down into what I call now buy zone massive run up to 464 000 US dollars dump down over. No 69 dump down, it is over now. Again everyone is saying that and the saying when in doubt zoom out. Da Vinci j15 is saying like big shout out to you. My man when in doubt zoom out, let’s do the same. So, what you can see in 2017 to 2020 March something very similar happened. This is what we call a fractal – where two scenarios are very similar to each other. 

Past performance is not a hundred percent indicative for future performance. But psychology doesn’t change and fractals are occurring much more often than we think. Because psychology now is the same like the psychology before and actually we have very similar events happening. So, we had in at 17 this dumbed-down run up 19700 dumped down into the buy zone, run up 14 000 dumped down in the Black Sea, dump in the black. First day C dumped right triple bottom off to the races. Now the question is: are we going to have the triple bottom off to the races again? Something very similar the third dump is also exogenously indicated, of course. It’s the central banks.

But it’s also what is happening in the world? What is happening in Ukraine? On it’s another panic dump and I do understand that we had the same thing. Now I want to tell you something I’ve been talking about for quite some time. Let me go over here into my Twitter account, I was posting. We are entering my buy zone I was posting three days ago. Actually, I was posting this fractal on my Twitter go back on YouTube. I posted it two months ago. I said I’m not predicting; this is necessarily going to happen. But, this is my worst-case scenario, and, unfortunately, just like before it seems like the worst-case scenario is coming to fruition. I was posting this here like three days ago. Again interesting Bitcoin fractal you can check it out. Now we are coming into this year the question now, of course, is.

Let me quickly go back here the question now. Of course, is what if we go lower. What if we go to 20-5-21 700 where the 200 week moving average is. Of course, this is always possible. But now, if you go to the fear and greet indicator, we are at 11, we are at an extreme almost all-time low in terms of greed or like all-time high in terms of fear. This is usually the moment the situation you’ve been waiting for everyone is saying. I am waiting for the dip to come until it comes and then no one wants to buy it because everyone thinks we are going lower. This is my game plan. My holding portfolio is not going to be touched that goes back to my last 20 videos or so I did not make any mention of trading. I did not make any mention of affiliate links or like myself opening a trade now.

I am going to talk about a potential trade I am going to open here on BuyBit. You can see on the bottom I am having an order price 30 500 for the first long position and I am actually going to put one a little bit higher over on Femax and potentially even lower. I will play it on 9x leverage only because what I want to do here is potentially catching a potential bottom, of course. If we go lower I’m losing that one but the lower we go, if the value stays the same for Bitcoin. My risk return ratio actually increases, so I am down from 32 000 down. I mean we are 31.5 down to 29-28.8 going to limit long orders and I’m gonna write this one. If we are going lower don’t point with the finger towards me, this is my trade. If you wanna trade based on your own research, at your own risk and take my opinion, my game plan is only as additional inspiration for your own trading journey. This is very important to mention, of course, I will leave you the links down below if you want to be trading. I didn’t mention anything recently because I was like this is too hot for me. I don’t want to trade myself. So, I’m not gonna talk about that anyone should consider trading. You can just go create your own account then you don’t get the bonus and, of course. If you are not an experienced trader, you shouldn’t be trading at all. This is something I want to mention at all. 

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