We have an emergency update for Luna classic right now because you can see the crypto bubbles chart behind me. There is a big green moon in the form of luna classic is it on the pathway towards one dollar, let’s talk about the price. What is your price target for luna classic? Would you like to see it to go to a dollar one cent, less than one cent?

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It’s been an absolutely wild ride and we’re doing this big emergency update because you can see the price chart right now that is a moon mission. It’s a moon mission in a market that is mostly down at the moment, so we actually go to the crypto coingecko charts right now. Check it out most of the crypto market is down and for you to actually get for luna classic to get a green moon mission in a down market that is really really a big anomaly in the crypto space so this is great to see. I want to remind you if you are looking to trade around luna classic one of the crypto exchanges. I do use is Queen at the moment and new users of that crypto exchange for completing some tasks you can get up to 500 worth of usdt bonuses signing up to cue coin and completing some tasks. 

You can basically see 26th of June this is the moment where Luna classic really started to shoot off. So, we have the our candles behind me and we did see a nice pump up to around the 9200 level right here and then it plateaued for a little bit. So, it hovered around the 9000 level right here for a day or so and then just recently this has been some really big buy-ins to Luna classic. So, I think potentially you know maybe some of the Shiba Inu whales some of the other big whales in the crypto space who like these really big community coins. They are possibly buying into Luna classic that is kind of what I’m thinking right now. I got my whale picture on the chart behind me and but I think there’s some big buy-in. So, you can see the volume here so there’s been a big buy-in to Luna classic. We do have some other important information and I am getting the sense over on Twitter. There’s just a lot of interest in Luna classic right now.

People are signing up they are joining the Luna classic army and you can see people talking about a dream. So, Luna classic Dao says right here our dream was to start a movement to revive Luna classic and now exactly what we have visioned is happening and the hard work of our community is paying off.

The fire is spreading far and wide retweet, if you think we should do a celebration burn right there. I want to say Luna classic, the foundations of this cryptocurrency kind of why is the price going up. It is coming down to that community fire, so this is a community coin at the moment it does have some big aspirations one of the biggest aspirations of this cryptocurrency it focuses on the burn so you guys can see the burn right here 1.1 billion. 1.1 billion it needs to get up to trillions though for the price to really skyrocket for luna classic. But in the background with a limit with a community coin what else needs to happen.

There’s going to be a lot of development, so we know they’re testing out the 1.2 transaction tax that thing is going to become a reality and then once we have the 1.2 percent transaction tax that is potentially where we can see lots and lots more burns for Luna classics. So, again this is just the early days for this cryptocurrency. It does have a very big decentralized community and realistically for this crypto. What do we want to see? We want to see more development; we want to see the community get stronger. I’m already seeing some really good signs over on Twitter so trending Luna classic. You can see it here on Twitter and you can see lots of other exciting tweets as well so daily volume on Binance. Apparently, it’s 218 million and that is absolutely crazy to see so you guys can see some of the big volumes going through and 43 million dollars on Q coin Okex and a lot of other crypto exchanges out there but great to see massive amounts of volume we have done an exercise in the past, where we talked about what would happen if the crypto exchanges put a 1.2 tax on that volume. 

The burn would be insane whether the crypto exchanges can do that I’m not sure we do know some other crypto exchanges like bitmart and safe moon have done that in the past whether these big ones can get behind it that would be great to see and that would add fuel to the fire for this big burn number, so we need the burn to go into trillions but right now in the immediate term. What is really interesting is this graph is looking really nice. What are you doing with your luna classic right now have you taken some of these profits off? The table are you a conservative investor in the crypto space because if we have a look at the price range right now what is that? That is a hundred and fifty-five percent gain in the crypto market so 155 percent gain right there which is great to see.

But realistically right now, it is looking good. So, the price graph is looking good some people right here are taking profits right now. But again Kitay Kawaya’s graph is looking good. W e do know with Do Kwon Terra 2.0. there is a big focus on activist hacker group anonymous going after Do Kwon and also with Luna classic the other thing that is important to mention is we do know Binance has a ton of Luna classic what binance is going to do with Luna classic whether they own that luna classic themselves whether that is hold by finance for customers on behalf of customers.

We’re not exactly sure but if Luna classic was if finance was through a massive burn of all the luna classic. They had on the crypto exchange that would be very exciting as well. On top of that if you are trading around your luna classic right now. One important thing to do is trade it around on a secure internet connection and the best way to do that is to use a VPN. But again if we go back to Luna classic right now. The price is looking good I think as a bit of a prediction I think the awareness is going to spread for luna classic. So, there’s going to be a lot more eyeballs on luna classic. People are going to open up the cryptograph today and they’re gonna be like luna classic has absolutely mooned. What is going on right there is great to see. But, guys, a bit of an emergency update from me. 

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