Big stock data today!!!!

Big stock data today!!!!

Dear traders,

Crypto try to break resistance and be hit back before next pump try on market. Today is GDP grow data on US stock market big volatility is coming.

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BTC swing broke 23.300$ resistance but push back hardly under 23.000$ now oscillating before next leg up, or if stock market data show bad new low. Trade with small leverage.


ETH retest resistance at 1640$ and now consolidating before next leg up. Only bad news on market could bring it down. Trade with small leverage.


XRP test 0.42$ and push back to 0.4$ support. Now looking for next leg down if market go in up. Trade with small leverage big swings are coming in both direction.


LINK was push back from big 7$ resistance and now consolidating under 7$ and aiming for next leg up. Still in big resistance zone small leverage use.


SOL test 25$ resistance and be push back to 24.3$ support line. Aiming for next push up to 27$. Trade with small leverage SOL oscillate +5% on daily.


DXY show no strength and gives market strength to pump. Closing to critical supports and breaking that’s support will make market push higher. Still turning back no power. And still at crucial support with no strength to push up.

Crypto/stock daily news:

Binance is back on the hot seat. A few weeks ago, the largest crypto exchange admitted to mismanaging its stablecoins reserves, resulting in $1b+ in missing collateral.
Now, Bloomberg is reporting that Binance held customers’ assets and collateral for company tokens together, in the same damn wallet. Here’s everything you need to know:
Binance admits it stored customer funds in the same wallet with collateral for B-Tokens
B-Tokens = Binance’s version of ETH, USDC, and other crypto that can be used on Binance’s blockchain (BNB Smart Chain). In total, there are 95 B-Tokens issued by Binance and each one is supposed to be backed by 1:1 reserves of the currencies they are based on
Binance says it was a mistake and management of wallets “has not always been perfect”. They hit us with Kevin Hart’s, “See, what had happened was.. the way my bank account is set up..”
Why this matters: There are two words that send shivers down investors’ spines… Commingling funds.
And right now, crypto exchanges are commingling like 9th-graders on the dance floor at homecoming. First FTX, now Binance…
Not only is mixing funds completely against Binance’s own guidelines on their website, but it also makes it hard to know if Binance actually has enough reserves to back up their B-tokens.

Final words:

US stock waiting for GDP data and next move will be with that data in place. Take your positions big profits/loss are coming!!!

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