BIG DAY prepare for big swings!!!!

BIG DAY  prepare for big swings!!!!

Dear traders,

Today is day FOMC meeting with interest rate decision. This data will turn market more up or big down. Interest rate is priced in with 0.25 and Powells speak is what is interesting if he speak about bad market we will dump if he bring good news rally up will continue. Please be caution and don’t take and new trade before news!

TOP Trader

Interesting in last 3 times PUMP before FOMC end with dump so please be careful!!!


BTC is ready for next move. This is my prediction for next moves:

  1. If 22.400$ don’t hold it will dump more to 21.200 zone.
  2. Retest of 22.400$ and then push to 24.000$ zone and then dump.

Big pump thru 23.400$ to 25.000$ region and then dump after Powell’s speech.

BTC close monthly candle in bullish candle stick and today we have first retest of bullish pattern what was created. Bulls show strength (CZ and BUSD). Let’s see they can hold position!


ETH is still in trading channel and it will follow market moves today. I place ranges and hit zones for long and short option. Best option is not to trade until Powells end speech.


XRP still in trading range if market turn bullish we could see LONG target hit. If you don’t have active trade please be out of market until Powells speech.


LINK In trading range and if market turn bullish it will hit long target and more. If market dump and support don’t hold we could visit low range again.


SOL break down support and not looking strong for next push up. Only if market turn mega bullish we could see long target hit at 30$.


DXY break pattern and testing support. If intrest rate go up DXY will pump strong and broke whole market. If interest rate come lower we could see next dump on dollar.

Crypto/stock daily news:


Some nerd once said “facts don’t care about feelings”. Maybe! But markets sure do.

It spits out ONE number every day that ranges from 1= extreme fear to 100 = extreme greed. The score is calculated by looking at stuff like price volatility, social media mentions, surveys, and how many crypto bros are getting bottle service at the clerb.
Yesterday’s score was 61. Which sounds like crypto failed its exam, but that’s actually a good score. (Funny, I used to tell myself the same thing in Biology class.)
But seriously, this is the highest score (AKA the most “greedy”) the F&G Index has been at since November 2021. And we’ve been out of the “fear” zone for 12 straight days.
Why you should care: Well, for one, the Fear & Greed Index is pretty well correlated with prices. Just check it out… Greedy Greens near the tops, and Fearful Reds at the bottoms.

Secondly, it can give you some insights on when to buy or sell. If the market is feeling too fearful, it could be a good time to buy. If the market is feeling too greedy, it could mean a correction is coming soon.
Right now, crypto is a lot like that guy that’s been down in the dumps but finally got a date with the cute girl at work – confidence is sky high! But if he gets too greedy and goes all in (i.e. asks her to marry him after 2 dates), he could be in for trouble and things could quickly fall apart.
One thing we do know is that tomorrow is the start of a new month. And February is known for two things:
1/ Fellas all rushing to buy flowers & chocolates at 3pm on Feb. 14
2/ Crypto prices are generally in the green
So, in the great words of Phil Collins: “I can feel it greed coming in the air tonight”. (*queue sick drum drop*)

This guy from BIG SHORT say sell!!!

Final words:

Today is day price action and bullish continuation is on test today if we have good results we can pump into 30K for BTC but there is still strong fear about big correction. Stay out of MARKET!!!

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Not Financial Advice!

Good luck with trades!


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