We have some important crypto news to talk about. In the market today so everything you guys need to know in the crypto market today. We’re going to cover updates about Elon Musk. We’re going to talk about CZ out of Binance. What is his crypto advice in the long run? Also we’ll take a look at the crypto prices.  I want to kick it off with this big update we have about Elon Musk. So, in the past we did do an update about him and his potential takeover of Twitter and apparently have a look at this Twitter is taking another look at Elon Musk’s takeover bid. So, this is really interesting. He’s got 46 billion dollars in financing ready to go, he has had a massive windfall with Tesla’s profits recently.

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So, Tesla is making a lot of money so he is stacked to the max with cash and potentially Twitter may be taken over by Elon Musk. We did see the Twitter board deploy the poison pill previously to try and fend off Elon Musk from taking over Twitter. But potentially they may be having another look at what he can do with Twitter and why its important for cryptocurrency. Because I do think Twitter is almost like the front line of crypto so if you are on Twitter there is a lot of important communication that breaks over on Twitter and one thing that we can potentially see if Elon Musk does take over Twitter I reckon there would be a lot more cryptocurrency integration into Twitter.

So, you know potentially integrating Dogecoin potentially integrating Bitcoin more potentially integrating NFTS more making this a web three platform. I reckon that could be on the line for Elon Musk takeover on Twitter and i think it would be pretty exciting so let me know in the comment section below would you guys want to see Elon Musk take over Twitter. Also we have some analysts talking about the long-term potential of crypto and the bull thesis is the long crypto adoption. So, even today we’ll have a look at the crypto prices later. The market is a bit red. There’s a lot of potential with the long-term adoption of cryptocurrency and even just holding good quality crypto projects. It is a good strategy. You can see Coinbase, the company, is down in price. The price of the shares of the company but again in the long term.

What’s going to happen with cryptocurrency? I do think there is going to be more and more long-term mass adoption and that is where a lot of value will be generated for cryptocurrency. We also have some bullish news as well, so there is a renewed push by grayscale to secure a bitcoin spot ETF so you guys know in Australia. It is coming up this week there’s going to be an Australian ETF for cryptocurrencies spot ETF and potentially in the US which is probably the most important financial market in the world. Currently, Greyscale is looking to develop a Bitcoin ETF and so what is the point of this why is this good for crypto? I do think broadly what will happen is there will be a lot more money coming into the crypto space. So, there is a lot of big money on the sidelines out there that doesn’t want to directly invest in cryptocurrency themselves because they don’t want to handle the security. If you guys have your own trust wallet set up, you have your ledger set up, you have your metamask set up. You’re handling your own security if you leave your crypto on an exchange, you’re leaving the security up to the crypto exchange. Hoping, your crypto account doesn’t get hacked as well.

 But there are a lot of people who don’t want to deal with that security but going through an ETF security is enhanced. You don’t have to worry about that you’re just buying and selling the ETF and, of course, there will be a bit of a premium on the ETF. So, it will be cheaper to buy the crypto directly and manage your own security but I do think there’s a lot of big institutional money sitting on the sidelines that will potentially go into ETFs. Once they come online so we’ll keep up to date with this we’ll see what happens with Grayscale right there. There is also a bill getting proposed in New York to you know counter crypto rug pools and scams. So, it’s not law yet but it is being proposed and it’s very interesting. So they’re looking to take and regulate crypto in that state and they’re looking to counter fraud and you know scammers. Unfortunately, in cryptocurrency, it is a high reward high-risk environment, unfortunately, can be malicious actors out there malicious developers who can take advantage of investors.

 So, you always have to be aware of that there is a there is an element of risk and you always have to be comfortable with that risk in the crypto space but at the same time you, potentially, can make millions of dollars that’s an absolute fact as well in the crypto space. It is the market for millionaires but that is just a law to be aware of we’ll see if this one does come into actual law in the future watch out for that one right there and that we do have some crypto advice from CZ the billion-dollar man one of the most financially successful people on the planet. He says right here when you are early and most others still have to wake up and follow just hold. So, are there any crypto projects out there that you feel you are in early comment down below. What are you holding right now, we’ll get to some more shoutouts that is some advice from CZ right there and he also says right here. If you have lots of negative energy, you will have a miserable life be full of positive energy.

Let the negatives go. I have negative focused jobs, change jobs, find something positive that you are passionate about life. Gets better after that. I pity, the jealousy, almost hopeless but read the book the infinite game. So, focus on the positives which is a key message from CZ. Today and I’m gonna read this. I haven’t read this book right here but I will check it out. I’m always interested to increase my own knowledge and learning and absolutely so focus on the positives in the crypto space. You potentially can make lots of profits focus on that don’t worry too much about the negatives in the crypto space because we’re here to make money and we’re here to be positive as well. So, we want to see the crypto price go up and we also want to see you guys make money.

Let’s have a look at the crypto prices, so I have the crypto bubbles chart behind me. Look rocky down the market but I’m not too worried about this. So, no major winners on the market today. You can see Apecoin up 4.8 percent right her, GMT maintaining. It’s a good run-up and if we do go to the crypto prices today again. What’s this being caused by? It’s been caused by Bitcoin being down at 1.4 %. The other cryptos when Bitcoin goes down the other ones will fall down as well. So, a bit of negative on the market today I’m not too worried about this ship is down 3.6 %. Apecoin is up five point one percent so Bitcoin’s having a really nice run. So, congratulations to fellow eight coin holders ! Out there that is looking good and I also asked a question right here: what are you doing in the crypto market right now? 

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