We have some big crypto news to talk about in the market today. So, JEROME POWELL what has he done with the interest rates what does that mean for your cryptocurrency. You are holding right now and where can the crypto prices go in the future. Well, also we talked about some other important things in the crypto market coming out of CZ. I’m also going to give you some shout-outs from Twitter. I want to point out the prices of the crypto bubbles chart today guys and it’s absolutely pumping. So, we’ve had a really nice recovery, and a lot of cryptocurrencies out there are some huge winners in the market today.

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Let’s talk about the big important news. You need to be aware of it. This is what’s linked to the crypto prices, so Dow rallies 900 points as investors bet. The Fed can slow inflation without causing a recession and this is linked to cryptocurrency. So, what happened? It is the stock market that has rallied. The cryptocurrency market has also rallied based on what Jerome Powell has done in this situation. What has happened here is that the central bank announced that it was hiking its benchmark interest rate (50 basis points or 0.5 percentage points) and would start reducing its balance sheet in June.

What else is important is right here so it says stocks moved sharply higher when power said the Central Bank was not considering an even more aggressive hike in future meetings. We’re getting a lot of positive sentiment coming out of Jerome Powell in some of the comments. He said during his meeting about the actions he has taken. What’s happened? The stock prices have gone up. The crypto prices have also went up right now. This is good. So, if you’re holding cryptocurrencies right now, crypto prices are going up, stocks are going up in the immediate term. This is good for crypto in the immediate term and good for the stock market. The big question is though, of course, the reason he is increasing. The interest rates has to do with, in my opinion, national debt and also inflation. So, anytime you’re printing out lots of money. Inflation is going to hit. What am I expecting? What I`m actually predicting right now is that he said in his comments he thought was going to go down. I do still think inflation is going to permeate the economy.

It’s still going to be there, it’s still going to be on the rise. What does that mean? It’s good for cryptocurrency, it’s good for the stock market, and it’s good for all types of assets! Besides, cash so again, if you only have an interest rate sub 1%. You have a lot of cash, you’re still going to be losing out. If inflation, the real rate is about 10 or so. You can see right here, the Fed funds target rates and we’re just this little blip on the radar down the bottom. So, what can you expect in the future? I do expect them to continue to increase interest rates, but no crazy increases in interest rates. Just steady consistent increases in interest rates that will probably put a bit of a cooler on the economy. But that is just something to be aware of so some big news is happening out of the Central Bank in the USA.

Some other big news you need to be aware of. It is some really bullish crypto adoption. So, France becomes the first big European nation to grant crypto giant Binance regulatory approval. So, Binance is now listed as a registered digital asset service provider by French stock market watchdog AMF. The move makes France the first major European nation to give Binance the green light. CZ described France as very progressive in adopting cryptocurrency, so this is good for everybody. We do want more favorable integration of crypto exchanges around the world and just another green light there for crypto. So, more people I think will be trading on Binance in France. This is just a bullish signal right here on top of that we have some cool tweets coming out of CZ out of Binance. He says right here don’t learn about crypto if you don’t care about money so if you guys are interested in making money crypto is definitely a market where you potentially can make lots of money and he’s also said right here blockchains don’t stop. So, neither should use some motivational tweets coming out of CZ today and with that.

Let’s check out the crypto prices today. So, there has been an absolute pump in the market. There have been some massive winners right here. So, you can see right here Waves is up 33.8. Zill is up 39 APECOIN has rebounded a bit up 34. So, congratulations to eight coin holders right there! That is some really nice price movements and a lot of the cryptos are basically up today in the top 100. So, it’s hard to really see many losers on the market today again where has this reaction come from. It came from the Central Bank decision from Jerome Powell. The reaction from the stock market and you can see there’s been a lot of winners on the market today. So, Bitcoin up 3%, Ethereum up, 4% B and B up 3.2%, XRP up 5%, Celina up 7%, Cardano up 10%. That is massively exciting. Shiba is up 3.3 percent. Apecoin has a nice rally of 13.8. Overall, some really nice movements in the crypto space today. 

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