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I do have the crypto bubbles chart behind me and, unfortunately, it is another day of red. But it is important to show up during these days of red to understand what is going on in the market today, so there are not many winners on the market currently. In the last few days, the crypto market has been on a bit of a slide just recently. So, if we bring up the seven-day chart. Right here you can see Bitcoin went from around forty thousand dollars right here; it did drop down to around thirty-six thousand dollars. It was hovering around thirty-five thousand dollars. At the time it has dropped down recently to a new low of around thirty-four thousand four hundred and eighty-seven dollars. So, there is a lot of uh fud going on the fear is climbing in the market. To understand what is going on with cryptocurrencies, I’m a believer of taking a big picture point of view because I do think one of the big things that do drive the Bitcoin price is.

What’s happening in the world economy? So, if you understand the world economy, you can start to understand where the crypto prices are going, what’s going to happen and where can the reversals happen with cryptocurrency? We’re looking for positives, we’re looking for reverse trends and things like that. To understand what is happening with Bitcoin right now. I do think it comes down to some massive three factors generally to do with the world economy. The first one to talk about is the conflict between Russia and Ukraine right now. You know, there is a big conflict happening in Eastern Europe right now and this conflict is ongoing, so it hasn’t finished and it’s been dragging on for quite a few months. Definitely an unfortunate situation. What’s happening over there but this impacts the whole world economy right now. 

So, what’s happening is that supply chain shortages of fuel oil may be restricted to certain countries. Europe is saying they’re not going to buy Russian oil embargoes, sanctions – things like that. So, the normal flow of goods and services it’s getting hampered oil, wheat that production out of Russia is going to slow and there’s just a lot of destruction of infrastructure in Ukraine, which is really unfortunate, and a lot of people are negatively impacted by this conflict that is one massive factor in the world economy that is causing a lot of floods. So, to analyze this constructively the quicker. There is a resolution to this conflict the better it will be for the world economy and the better it will be for everyone to be honest with you. But that is just one big picture analysis to always think about, so this thing dragging on this conflict is impacting cryptocurrencies indirectly. 

We’ll talk about why that is happening on top of that you’re also having a fuel shortage. So that conflict in Russia, and Ukraine that is going to impact the fuel markets, the oil markets in Europe, in America as the conflict kind of goes on. This does impact all types of businesses. A lot of economies are run on fuel transport trucks and you know this is causing more uncertainty in the market. So, there’s inflation, there are fuel shortages, and also in China. They have stopped production in some areas to deal with the situation over there. They have a policy and they’re dealing with it, but they’re freezing the production of goods and services, locking shutdowns, and things like that. That is slowing down the economy in China as well and on top of that in the background. One of the biggest elephants in the room is the US national printing out of money. There’s a lot of printing out of money in the world economy right now and this is almost like an endless thing and so there’s a whole multitude of fud going on in the background. You’ve got Putin, you’ve got oil shortages, you’ve got China, you’ve got inflation and, unfortunately, this is kind of what impacts the cryptocurrency market. So, when you look at cryptocurrencies, we’ve got them all here. I do think they have good potential but what tends to happen. 

When there’s lots of global funding a lot of the big companies out there. What they’re gonna do is they’re gonna actually trade out. They’re gonna trade out of their risky assets up the top and those people with big allocations into risky assets. They’re simply going to sell those risky assets, so you’re going to see cryptos get sold in the immediate term. You’re also going to see stocks get sold, so you can see in the stock market lots of sell-offs in stocks as well. Ironically, they’re going back to cash as well. So, a lot of companies out their big people with big allocations into crypto big allocations of the stock market. 

What they end up doing in times of uncertainty is they actually cash out of their positions. They go back to cash but ironically, I do not think even cash is safe. So, it’s almost like we can classify this as everything crashes. There’s no real safe harbor, in my opinion, one thing to possibly look out for and not financial advice. But commodities tend to do well in these situations, so commodity prices tend to go up. So, if you’re interested in commodities you can do some research on them yourself. But I am bullish on commodities in the long run which is kind of the overshadowing of what is happening with the crypto prices. But I do think crypto is a long-term investment as well. So, if you have a long-term window, I’m a long-term believer in cryptocurrency. It is a big innovation. A lot of cryptos are bringing a lot of new things to the economy that we’ve never seen before. This article right here is saying crypto-like railways are among the world’s top innovations of the millennium. There are a lot of cryptos out there. There’s a lot of opportunity in the market and I don’t think crypto is going away and seeing out of Binance said there is an unlimited supply of money and there is a limited supply of money. 

So, hard to choose. Money supply is completely unlimited continuous printing out of fiat money. I think in the long run fund is temporary so these things in the long run. They will resolve themselves one way or another and time will pass and I do think in the future cryptocurrency is bringing a lot of innovation Bitcoin even though, down today 34 000. I think you know long. If you do have a long-term belief in cryptocurrencies and you’re holding some good long-term projects, you can make some good money in that. There are also riskier small coins as well. 

Small coins, moonshots and things like that, meme coins. I think there’s also potential to make money on that, so we checked them out on the channel a fair bit. But in the long run, what else am I doing with my money? I do diversify my assets so I do hold cryptocurrency, I hold stocks and I’ve got real estate as well. I do diversify my assets. But again, when you have everything crash, which is what is happening with the world economy. I think a lot of people’s net wealth positions are going to get hit one way or another, because you can’t really hide if the stock market is going down, the crypto market is going down and other things are going down as well, So, these are the big factors you need to watch out for but again i am bullish in the long run, so I’m not too worried, I am diversified and i am a believer in cryptocurrency in the long run so guys that’s a bit of a market update for today. 

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