We’ll be talking about Apecoin? Why is the price going bananas for that crypto? We’re talking about Russia. We’re going to be talking about Elon Musk and inflation. What does he think about inflation going into the future? We’ll be talking about some tips from CZ of Binance on? How to be more efficient and, of course, we’re going to take a look at the crypto prices and mention some big winners in the market today.

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Yesterday 20th of April, you can see right here bitcoin passed forty-two thousand and sixty-nine dollars on 4/20 as the stars aligned. So some memetic magic is happening in the crypto space recently the big 42 069 mark has been hit and the crypto markets are looking good today and it is full of memes and I just wanted to point out that meme right there and we also had a coin pumping up in price yesterday. What is fueling the price of Apecoin right now? It says people are talking about a metaverse for Apecoin.

So, potentially, a metaverse is coming out and they’re saying a public land sale might happen. What are the rumors? So, the rumors are right here and this person is renegade. Masters says he just sent some huge alpha the sale will be a Dutch auction of some sort starting at 608. There’s gonna be airdrops and white lists for different communities and get your Ape ready because it looks like. We’re gonna need it. What is simply happening here is a metaverse play, a land drop potentially but what’s really important is they are increasing the utility of Apecoin. So, any cryptocurrency you hold, what you do want in the crypto market is when they start to sell products and services that are only payable in your crypto. So, if they’re making this metaverse play only payable in eight coins. What’s gonna happen is that’s gonna drive up the price of a coin based on that speculation, getting into this metaverse and that is just something you need to be aware of in the crypto market. So, this applies to all cryptocurrencies out there, but good stuff for eight coin holders right there – pushing up the price of vape coins.

The US and inflation

We also have some other big crypto news. The US government is sanctioning the Russian crypto miner bit river, so the treasury said it’s taking action against other companies in Russia’s crypto mining industry as well. This is not to be unexpected as well. So, there are a lot of political tensions happening in the world. There are a lot of sanctions going from the USA to Russia and also vice versa lots of freezing up of imports and exports out of Russia as well. Does this really impact the crypto market not really? So, this is just more political stuff.

Elon Musk and inflation

The crypto market will continue on and we also have this massive update from Elon Musk as well. So, Elon Musk is talking about inflation and he says he thinks: β€œInflation is worse than reported and is likely to continue through 2022”. I think the official numbers actually understate the true magnitude of inflation and inflation appears to be likely to continue for at least the remainder of this year. Musk noted some suppliers are requesting 20 to 30 cost increases for parts from 2021 to 2022. Well, above the 8.5 inflation rates and he doesn’t think he’s going to increase Tesla prices soon. So, when the supplier costs go to Tesla. What’s going to happen is the prices of Tesla? I reckon, ultimately, they’ll go up as well. But this is just really important to understand and watch out for. You know US inflation is going up. What is it tied to really? It comes down to printing out a fiat currency. So, you can see right here we’ve been studying this. 

When it was below 30 trillion and it’s above 30 trillion right now. The US national debt and it just keeps going up. Hundreds of thousands every couple of seconds. It’s absolutely insane what happens with inflation but that is where a lot of the inflation is coming from. Let’s have a listen into Czech financeю What does he have to say? He’s a billion-dollar man and very successful. Let’s see what we can learn from Π‘zech, so we can become more successful in our crypto journey. Our journey to build up wealth, what is he saying, having short meetings, five-minute meetings or 10-minute meetings, or 15-minute meetings scheduled. So, that the other party knows that it’s a very short meeting and they will get straight to the point.

Also have things written down, what do you want? What do you need? Then just say no to a bunch of random meetings that don’t make sense and drop out of those meetings. Those are things I do so there you get some tips from CZ on how to save time not squander your time and always remember you want to be using your time as efficiently as possible to build up wealth in the long run, so some really good tips from CZ right there and with that.

Current crypto prices

Let’s talk about the crypto prices today, so what winners have been on the market and have a look at this ZRX. It is a real standout today. This crypto is up 48 so shout out to any ZRX holders. There Zilliqa is up 19, Cake is up 10. So, shout out to the Pancake holders out. There as well getting those d5 returns HEX is up 6 5 %, Carver is up 8 6 %, Theater is up 5.6.

Let’s have a look at the overall crypto market. So, again Bitcoin is pushing up northwards today. So, above 41 000 heading north which is very nice. Ethereum is looking strong and some of the other cryptos are holding steady on the market today Polka Dot is up 2 8%. Shiba Inu is down 0.8 percent and eight coins is looking pretty nice. So, up again 3.7 percent up to 60 dollars based on those metaverse rumors that came out before. So, congratulations again to some eight coin holders out there! Overall the crypto market is looking good and I do think there’s a lot of potential. The crypto market is now too big to really like it did. Back in 2017 I do think the crypto market is going to go from strength to strength in the long term and it’s propped up by other factors like us.

What’s happening with inflation there is just a lot of institutional money coming into the crypto market as well. So, I think a lot of big players are now in the crypto market and also I want to give some shout outs to some of your favorite crypto communities out there. 

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