We’re taking an important look at cryptocurrency bitcoin. What is the bitcoin price doing in the market, why is the crypto price so volatile and where can the crypto prices go in the future? We’re also going to take a look at CZ`s secret plans for global domination.

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One thing I was expecting in the crypto market was a lot of volatility and we are getting a lot of volatility right now yesterday. What was really interesting is there was actually a really positive reaction to how the Fed. What the Fed did with the interest rates and was in line with expectations but then for no reason- the market because it’s so volatile it freaked out. The Dow tumbled 1 000 points for the worst day since 2020 and the NASDAQ dropped five percent. So again, we are seeing a massive amount of volatility in the stock market. What happens with that it trickles down into cryptocurrency. So, right now the volatility in prices and crypto is coming from the US stock market. It’s really centered around what is happening with the US federal reserve with the interest rates and really what the market is perceiving inflation to be what the market thinks The Central Banks can do about inflation and one of the big takeaways. 

I’ve seen people saying you know, possibly the federal reserve. The central banks around the world. They don’t have the situation under control with inflation. Maybe, they haven’t been put, maybe, they haven’t reacted quick enough and more adjustments may need to happen with the interest rates and things along those lines. So, we’ve also had comments coming out of the Australian Central Bank. They’re saying they’ve drastically raised their inflation forecast to flag more rate hikes and I’ve already said this on the channel. The inflation statistics, they put out and they’re not really in line with reality. So, if you go to the shops in Australia, probably in the USA you buy groceries you pay for goods and services. It’s going to be way above 4.6 even. What they’re saying is that it could now hit 4.6 %. It’s going to be way above that and it already is above that and I bet you it’s in the double digits right now so that is the real inflation rate it’s 10 plus and you’re having minor interest rate rises by the Central Banks. 

So, in this equation if we just go to the graph really quickly, if your real inflation rate is just say. Let’s say it’s 10 and you have a federal reserve rate of 0.75 percent right here. You can see that there’s a huge difference between these two numbers. That’s about a percent difference and that is inflation running out of control. In my opinion, inflation is still going to be a big problem for a lot of economies out there. You’re just seeing a lot of volatility in the stock market. What happens? Then trickles over into the cryptocurrency market as well. But am I too worried about this. I’m not too worried over the long run, but what we can expect is just lots of volatility in the crypto market. 

Always remember I am a big believer of Bitcoin in the long run. So, Bitcoin is actually an alternative monetary system to the US dollar. If it’s used correctly it is a store of value and the US dollar you know it has an infinite supply Bitcoin only has 21 million and there are heaps of other really good cryptocurrencies out there, bringing a lot of utility, a lot of innovation and you can see right here even though there has been a big drop. We’re still at this level, if you compare it all the way back here to 2017. So, who remembers in the 2017-2018 market when it crashed from this level 20 000 down to 6 000-3000 down. Lots of people panicked but again in the long run what happens is the prices continue to go up and if you take a multiple-year look at cryptocurrency seven five years historically. What has happened is those people who buy crypto early and then you just hold it. The good cryptos that can tend to happen are the price just goes up regardless of all the volatility in the market. So again we’re getting hit with a ton of volatility in the crypto space in the stock market but if you do have a long-term approach which I do have to lots of cryptocurrencies. You can potentially make lots of money that way but as always not financial advice but that is just one strategy buy and hold strategy over the long run and you kind of like block out a lot of this fear that is always going to come in the market. You’re always going to have down days in the market and there’s going to be a lot of volatility. But, again I do think there is too much money invested in cryptocurrency for crypto to really go away but that is just one thing you need to be aware of on top of that.

Let’s talk about CZ`s secret plans to take over the world. I did see this news on Twitter and have a look at this probably nothing. Breaking news, Elon Musk has revealed that he has raised 7.14 billion of funding for his 44 billion dollar offer for Twitter from investors including oracle co-founder Larry Ellison and crypto exchange Binance. So, if we go to this article you can see right here finance chief executive CZ told the financial times that his crypto exchange would offer Musk almost unconditional support for the takeover of Twitter after a rapid deal that left the parties little time to discuss details. It’s more of a blank check CZ said after committing 500 million dollars to the must deal. 

So, you have been paying attention to the channel. What have we seen out of CZ, what have we seen out of Binance? These guys are taking over lots of interesting assets backing Twitter, taking over banks in South America and traveling to the Middle East. This is good for cryptocurrency. So, in crypto what we do want is influential big people out there, who are going to push the rights of cryptocurrency and help the crypto prices go up, so I do think the more onboard CZ can get into media into the banking industry the better. It will be for cryptocurrency, so just pay attention to what Binance is doing in the background, very important stuff and again. If we take a look at the crypto prices today, there is lots of volatility, so down 8.5 percent of the last 24 hours. Big drop lots of panic on the market. But I’m not panicked, not at all and I’m always a big believer of being comfortable with what you’re investing in the crypto space, your risk levels and things like that. So, if you’re comfortable with what you’ve invested – it’s okay in the long run that’s what I do personally and again what we are seeing is a lot of volatility. 

You can just see a lot of the cryptos go down, so when Bitcoin drops eight point four percent a lot of the big cryptos, they’re going to drop more than that potentially. So, you can see Solana down 12.6 percent, Cardano down 10.9 percent and Shiba down 7.1 percent and eight coins down 19. But again, in the long run if you do take a long-term look at crypto a five-seven ten year approach. Who knows where the crypto market will be by the year twenty thousand and thirty because we might be in a huge market. You know these numbers right here we’re looking at 1.7 trillion at the top one day this could be 5 trillion it could be 10 trillion – who knows? It could get up to 20 trillion as well but uh that is my takeaway on the crypto market today, so lots of volatility just brace yourself for lots of volatility in the stock market brace yourself for lots of volatility in the crypto market. I’m not too worried about this. 

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