There is a lot of volatility happening in the crypto market. I want to give you an update on some really important things. So, we’re going to talk about Michael Saylor, we’re going to talk about Australian ETFs, we’re going to talk about Mark Cuban. What does he think of cryptocurrency right now? Are there some opportunities in the market despite the volatility? And we’re also going to get some investing tips from CZ of Binance and we’re also going to take a deep look at the crypto prices, have a look at Luna. What is going on with Luna? Still, we’ll talk about that and we’ll have a look at the other crypto prices today.

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There is a lot of negative news out there. I want to mix it up. I want to bring you guys some balanced news right here. Let’s talk about the positive stuff and have a look at this. This was brought to my attention from captain roasting the discord, so shout out to the captain roast and this tweet basically shows you the golden city of Bitcoin. The President of El Salvador reveals the layout for the Bitcoin city and that is awesome to see. So, remember, this is a long-term journey and the Bitcoin city. It is getting built, it’s getting built in El Salvador and the President of El Salvador has a massive vision for a cryptocurrency city and that looks pretty cool to me. We have some bullish news coming out of Michael Saylor’s micro strategy, so there was a lot of fun in the market, regarding the bitcoin price. What’s going to happen to MicroStrategy, one of the biggest whales in the BTC market right now? It says right here MicroStrategy sailor Bitcoin must drop to 3562 before we get margin calls and just from that headline. We know this is good news. So, again the likelihood of Bitcoin going to 3 500, in my opinion, it’s highly unlikely as always not financial advice. But, I cannot see Bitcoin going to 3 500. I think Bitcoin right now. It’s hovering on the 30 000 level, we’re going to talk about the Bitcoin price at the end. This is really good. So, you can see the tweet from Michael Saylor right here. He says right here MicroStrategy has 205 million term loans and needs to maintain 410 million dollars as a collateral micro strategy has 115 000 Bitcoin that it can pledge. If the price of Bitcoin falls below 3 562, the company could post some other collateral. So that’s a long way off. That’s about a 10x decrease from the current Bitcoin price.

I`m not worried about that too much at all. We also have some good news coming out of Australia. So, have a look at this Australia to list a Bitcoin and Ethereum ETF for the first time. It says right here Australia is set to list its first three cryptocurrency ETFs on Thursday May 12th which is tomorrow. These ones are going to be based on Bitcoin and Ethereum as well. So that is pretty cool. Some bullish adoption coming out of Australia and on the topic of ETFSs and also futures. I want to point your attention to the AAX crypto exchange which is a channel partner here. They currently have some nice special bonuses on their futures battle which is a very fun and interesting product. They have and all you have to do with the futures battle is observe the market predict which way the Bitcoin price or the crypto prices are going to enter an amount. You want to play bullish or bearish and see what happens in about one minute. The battle is conducted very quickly and only takes about a minute to see the outcome. So that is an option with AAX exchange and that is time-limited running until the 16th of May for some of the special bonuses.

One big announcement that came out just recently was Coinbase shares plunge after company misses Q1 revenue post 430-million-dollar loss. So, this doesn’t directly impact the crypto market but it’s a little bit of a signal of how Coinbase is performing. Are people going to some of the other crypto exchanges out there based on some of the fun that came out about Coinbase? If we check out the Coinbase share price all time have a look at this one is almost like a cryptocurrency down 78 from about 342 currently, trading around 73 right now on the market.

Let’s tackle some of the other volatile news in the crypto space and that has to do with terror USD. So, this is an ongoing situation. The UST price is around 56 cents, yesterday it was climbing back up to around 84, things are looking extremely volatile and extremely dire for TERRA USD. This is just a reminder of the reward and risk in the crypto space. TERRA used to be really high in price. You can see the TERRA price currently 6.77 cents. This is definitely unfortunate, what’s happened with TERRA and if we do check out TERRA’s price right now. Have a look at this: its weight went from basically an epic run. All the way up to 105 and you can see how quickly this thing has fallen just recently. So, we’re gonna keep an eye on how TERRA goes in the future. But, definitely, it’s not looking great currently in the market. Will it get back to a one-dollar peg? We’ll find out in the future and we do know it is backed by Bitcoin and that is actually fun and that is actually fueling some of the volatility in the crypto space. My understanding is what needs to happen is the LUNA foundation needs to sell Bitcoin which also decreases the Bitcoin price to help TERRA USD get back to one dollar. So, keep an eye out on what happens with this situation. But that is an important thing to watch out for. It is just a reminder of the reward and risk in the crypto space. Always remember crypto is risky and, unfortunately, things are not looking good for TERRA right now.

Let’s talk about the seizure of Binance and his investing tips for us. So, what has he said just recently on the market and he says right here emotions? If you panic during a dip you are probably over invested, try to reduce your investment by 2x or 10x. You’ll be in a much better position to control your emotions, only increase your position, when you can handle your emotions. So that is a really good investment tip from CZ of Binance. I want to add to that because one thing in cryptocurrency is that a lot of the market is actually just run-on pure emotion. People like to think they’re logical, but it’s not really true, a lot of stuff is emotional. We can see right today extreme fear 12 on the market and what tends to happen is the crypto prices people sell or buy based on where they think the crypto price is going. A lot of people out there. There’s so much fun in the market, that they’re probably thinking Bitcoin is going to go to ten thousand dollars or five thousand dollars or three thousand dollars. They all panic and sell out of crypto. They panic sell out of Bitcoin right now and the opposite is true. So, when this switch is back to greed so the emotional symbol goes back to greed and we’re sitting 50-60. They think Bitcoin is going to go to fifty thousand dollars sixty thousand dollars seventy thousand dollars. So, everyone starts to buy in so a lot of it is actually run-on greed.

One thing I can say with cryptocurrencies and again not financial advice but if you do have a long term mindset and you are comfortable with your positions and cryptos you’re not overexposed. You’re not over your head in cryptocurrency, it can make the ride a lot easier. So, of course, no one wants to lose money in cryptocurrency. It never feels good to lose money. I think it’s pretty hard for anyone to say they haven’t lost money in cryptocurrency. So, always remember crypto. It is a risky market where you can make 100x gains, you can make more than 100x gains. But at the same time in 24 hours, you can also lose 82 percent of your money which is happening with TERRA, but again a loss is not materialized until you actually sell out as well. So that’s another important thing to remember. But it is a high reward, high risk space.

We also have a really big update from Mark Cuban, so this is really interesting his mindset. This guy is a billionaire investor, so it’s always good to listen to the billionaires. He says crypto is reliving the internet boom currently, so the internet the dot-com bubble went through a similar phase and he’s saying it’s the consolidation phase is coming for crypto. What does this mean? He says right here crypto is going through the Luna that the internet went through the chains that copy what everyone else will fail. We don’t need NFTS or defy on every chain. He refers to this consolidation phase in cryptocurrency. So, there will be blockchains uh some will go well some may not go well and that’s the reward and risk in the crypto space you have to remember to some degree. I do agree with Mark Cuban. So, crypto is hyper-competitive. We’ll take a look at the crypto prices now and we’ll talk through what Mark Cuban is talking about but have a look at the top here. So, there’s 13 000 coins currently, there’s heaps of different blockchains and heaps of different use cases for different cryptos and you have to be thinking about long-term potential mass adoption and there are also other interesting things in the crypto space. 

MeMe coins have a lot of value. So, you can see Dogecoin’s 14 billion dollar market cap. That’s all real money yourself Shiba Inu. That’s got a massive community behind it as well. You also have other exciting cryptocurrencies as well. But in the long run, what do we want to see in the crypto market? You want to see adoption, you want to see use cases and community as well. So, the community is super important in the crypto space, and the more resilient, the more long-term. The crypto community is the better, the crypto will do in the long run and with that let’s check out the crypto prices today. So, today is definitely a day of red for most cryptos out. There is a bit of volatility in the market, so Luna is down 80, so that is the big news of today. TERRA UST is down 43, but it’s looking to go sub 50 cents currently on the market. A lot of other cryptos are in the red today and again, it’s just a lot of volatility happening in the crypto space. But I am a believer in the long term crypto market. So, I do think long-term Bitcoin will go up in price again. I do think Ethereum will go up in price. I think a lot of cryptos out there have really nice potential.

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