Best crypto affiliate program 2022 – Broker of Binance

Best crypto affiliate program 2022 – Broker of Binance

Dear Partner,

We invite you to join our Affiliate program.
Please find details about Jet-Bot products and Affiliate program below.

Best crypto affiliate program terms

Affiliate program type: multilevel lifetime referral program

Geo: worldwide

Commission amount: up to 50% (25% commission for Lvl1 referrals; 15% commission for Lvl2 referrals; 10% commission for Lvl3 referrals)

Average Monthly Payment for 1 paid customer: $120

Customer lifetime: 12 months

Average repurchase time: 3 months

Churn rate: 33%

Payout time: every 30 days or upon your request

Sign up bonus for referrals: $10 sign up bonus +  3 days free trial

How to participate in Jet-Bot crypto referral program: 

  1. Register your account at
  2. Copy your referral link.
  3. Share the link with your community.


The Jet-Bot team is available for a direct communication, providing help with marketing materials, interviews, AMAs and co-marketing options.

If any help is needed – please contact VIP Customer Support via Telegram.

How your affiliate reward is calculated:

You will get up to 50% fee from purchases for up to 3 level of your referrals:

  1. 25% commission for Lvl1 referrals; 
  2. 15% commission for Lvl2 referrals; 
  3. 10% commission for Lvl3 referrals;

For example:

  1. You invited User A.
  2. And user A invited user B. 
  3. And user B invited user C.

If all users buy the Unlimited membership you will earn:

  1. 25% fee (187 USDT) from a User A, 
  2. 15% fee (112 USDT) from a user B,
  3. 10% fee (75 USDT) from  a User C,

If you invite 10 users and each of them invite 10 users more, and each of those guys also invite 10 users more you will earn:

  1. 1,870 USDT for Lvl1 users,
  2. 1,120 USDT for Lvl2 users,
  3. 750 USDT for Lvl3 users,

So you get a fee not just from a purchase of a User A, but you get a fee from purchases of a whole network.

Your total payment will be 3,740 USDT just from 10 users invited by yourself and the network they built.

Jet-Bot prepaid packages explanation. The most honest and transparent model for crypto affiliates and their audience:

When User joins the platform he gets 3 days free trial period.
After that the customer needs to buy a prepaid package. 

Jet-Bot platform is based on a profit fee model. This means that the price of the prepaid package consists of a profit commission that users pay in advance.

You can see packages x2, x3, and x5. 

And the name of the package says how much profit user can earn from the cost of the package. 

For example, if an user buys an x2 package for $25, he can earn a $50 profit. This is the simplest package that allows user to test the platform and understand the principles and effectiveness of its work. 

Also, if he buys the x3 package for $100 he can earn $300 profit, and if he buys the x3 package for $150 he can earn $750 profit.

This model is universal because when users purchase such packages, they get guaranteed access to the platform and the ability to use it until they double/triple/ or make 5 times the amount of their purchase! And they’re not limited by time here either. 

We thought that this model would be the most honest and profitable for our clients because clients don’t take risks and can rest assured that they’ll only pay on their profits.

Users also can take advantage of the Unlimited Membership option, which gives a full, maximum access to the platform and to all its functions without restrictions, and most importantly — with 0% profit commission. 

This Unlimited package is available with a huge 50% discount for only $750. 

Keep in mind that this discount is temporary and over time, its size will decrease. Indeed, in the future, we plan to increase the cost of this subscription to $5,000. Which is good for Affiliate partners because this means that their referral fee will grow.

About Jet-Bot products, security and transparency

Jet-Bot is a crypto trading platform marketplace, launched in 2020, which provides 2 main services to the crypto audience:

  1. Algo trading instruments for professional traders
  2. Copy trading for investors, beginners and crypto newcomers. 

Both products allow users to earn 10-30% monthly profit (or up to 1,000-2,500% compound annual profit) with low/medium/high risk settings depending on the user’s choice.

  1. Jet-Bot provided services to more than 45,000 registered users;
  2. Jet-Bot is an authorized broker of the Binance exchange, so Jet-Bot users can create new Binance accounts through the interface of Jet-Bot platform just in 1 click and use it for trading with Jet-Bot trading instruments;
  3. Jet-Bot has 7,843 positives rates from satisfied customers on CoinPayments website;
  4. Jet-Bot is a secure platform because users don’t need to deposit funds directly to Jet-Bot. Users can just connect their Binance accounts to Jet-Bot via API keys which allow to create and manage trading orders, but sametime API keys protect users’ funds and don’t allow to withdraw money from users’ exchange account. So people can automate their trading without any worries about funds safety.