Beginning of end of just retest of support!

Beginning of end of just retest of support!

Dear traders,

Market push back and with FUD news crypto was hit hard. Now at support still plenty space for short.

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BTC break it support at 22.300$ as we speak yesterday I hope you take some short profits. Still lower target is not hit and there is still possibility to retest break and push back to 20k range.


ETH didn’t break resistance and hit down support at 1530$ what act now as support. If not hold we could see next leg down to support.


XRP break into range 0.4$ but strongly rejected to 0.37$ range what now act as support. Still no power for next leg up.


LINK show some momentum to long target but again push back under 7$ price what act as resistance. Final break out is still pending.


SOL losing support after support if 20$ is lost we could see fast drop to 17$. Bounce from this position will hit LONG target. Still no power for push.


DXY show strength and continue grow and holding at support line looking for next leg up. DXY up market DOWN.

Crypto/stock daily news:

Trust in crypto is currently lower than a shawty in apple bottom jeans.

Binance wants to flip the script and rebuild the public’s faith in crypto by assembling a consortium of crypto exchanges, blockchain companies, and other players, Coindesk reported.

And the driving factor behind the formation, you ask? Why, SBF’s abuse of power and the contagion that FTX’s implosion caused, of course. It’s like microwaving fish in the break room, the stink just *won’t* go away.

Here are the group’s goals:

Proactively working with regulators around the globe
Proving the industry knows how to combat crime
Calling out shortcomings and bad behavior in the industry
And it won’t be helmed by Binance or CZ; instead it’ll “run in as decentralized a manner as you possibly can”.

We don’t know who else will be apart of the #Squad, but apparently others have already given their John Hancock’s.

Coinbase? Kraken? That you?

Final words:

This is healty pull back for market if bullish structure continues. If 20k support don’t hold and more bad news come we could turn back to bear land.

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Sentiment Is now BULLISH and real test for bulls are this week.

Not Financial Advice!

Good luck with trades!


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