BEAR is wake or next leg up preparing!!!!

BEAR is wake or next leg up preparing!!!!

Dear traders,

Stock market rejected and push back and all eyes are on news this week. Tomorrow we have Interest rate hikes in US this is big market news and market prepare for that move.

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BTC pump into 24.000$ resistance on weekend and get push back on Monday and CME gap was filled and 23.000$ support don’t hold and hit 22.500$ what is strong support. If that support broke we could hit resistance at 21.200$ what is Short target. Break above 23.300$ and hold we aim for 25k. BTC will manipulate before tomorrow interest rate decision so be careful don’t trade these 2 days if you are not 100% in your setup.


ETH push back and hit support at 1530$  still show no strength for next leg up and if break under 1500$ it will nuke to start position. Trade with careful big swings coming.



XRP retest 0.38$ range and push back to channel of 0.4$ show strength but still 0.4$ is trading range. If support don’t hold we could see retest of 0.37$ support.


LINK fight still 7$ resistance line and show no strength for next leg up. Rejection from 7$ will retest 6.45$ support. Need more power to push up.


SOL holds strongly to 23.6$ support. Still no power for next push up. It will go with market and if support don’t hold we could see next support as short target. Trade with small leverage SOL oscillate +5% on daily.


DXY finally break pattern and show some strength and retest upper resistance of channel. If continue to push it will bring down whole market. Interest rate decision will make DXY more move up or break into new lows.

Crypto/stock daily news:


Everyone has their own theory on what makes crypto prices move. And they’ll use it to predict when and why prices move up or down.
Some people look at monthly inflation rates.
Others look at the phases of the moon and retrograde motion of the planets.
Well, some person on Reddit thinks there might be a correlation between the Super Bowl, Valentines Day, and the price of Bitcoin going up. Here’s why:
Over the last six years, the price of Bitcoin has increased four times in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl and Valentines Day
The last two years, Bitcoins price increased by over 25%
Price increases historically range anywhere between 12-26%
What gives? Who knows. It could be people placing bets on the big game using Bitcoin. It could be people buying Bitcoin for their significant others. (Sorry honey, sticking to flowers & chocolates). Maybe those Matt Damon ads actually worked?

It’s most likely just a random correlation but one thing we do know is: history might not repeat but it sure does rhyme.

Final words:

Please beware of market manipulation today market will make false dump/pump before tomorrow Interest rate decision so take your trade with careful!!! Small leverage only!

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Sentiment Is now BULLISH and real test for bulls are this week.

Not Financial Advice!

Good luck with trades!


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