Asking Strangers How Much Money They Make 

Asking Strangers How Much Money They Make 

How much do you make per year? What’s your biggest tip when it comes to saving money? Do you have any advice for people that want to become millionaires? What’s your biggest personal finance hack? Do you have any tips for people that want to be able to make a high income like that. What is your net worth?

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My net worth I have no idea, she’s my boss that’s awkward. Honestly, I have no idea what my net worth is hey everyone, so we’re here in Newport Beach. One of the wealthiest areas of the country. Today we’re gonna be asking people what’s your net worth and how much money you make something. I’m always intrigued by what people do. How much money do they make from what they invest their money into? I feel like the world is just not transparent enough. It’s still a little bit taboo to talk about this type of stuff, so we’re gonna hopefully get some good answers today because I know it is quite personal to ask people. How much money they make and what they’re worth. Some very vulnerable questions. But we’ll see who bites. Let’s go all right.

How Much Money They Make

-So, what’s your name and how old are you?

-I’m Chris. I’m 30.

-What’s your net worth?

– About 200 000.

– How much do you make per year?

– 150

– What do you do?

– I’m a consultant for what company called Bruce Island.

How Much Money They Make

– So, what’s your monthly rent. I’m kind of lucky right now. I’m renting with a friend. So, it’s only a thousand dollars.

– What’s your best personal finance hack?

– Don’t spend too much time figuring out how to save pennies. It’s more productive to learn how to make more money look for free things on craigslist slick deals.

– Do you use that size?

– But, I mean that’s one of the traps like don’t spend too much time browsing and like trying to find like 50 off. Just try to make 10 000 more dollars.

– What’s your name?

How Much Money They Make

– Kathy.

– Hope, what is your net worof th two million at the height of your career? How much were you making?

– 200 000.

– And what did you do insurance broker? Do you have any tips for anyone that wants to become an insurance broker? Don’t go into the business, they lower the commissions too much.

– What’s your biggest expense right now?

 – Real estate taxes and long-term care.

How Much Money They Make

– Wat’s your biggest tip when it comes to saving money?

– Michael Johnson. I’m in commercial real estate what is your net worth. It’s hard to say but over four million. Maybe, how much do you make per year?

– Well, it depends it all varies every year, so usually five to six hundred. Do you have any advice for anyone that?

– If wants to get into commercial real estate, you just have to work really really hard and make a lot of calls. You make calls and it’s not as hard. If you don’t make calls, it’s very difficult being persistent which is really any job.

– What’s your biggest tip for saving money?

– I think you just need to save as much as you can and buy things that you can’t spend.

– What is your current biggest expense right now?

– Probably, the kid’s education, food.

How Much Money They Make

– How much is your rent or mortgage?

– My house is paid off.

– Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

– Just immerse yourself like you have to work harder than everybody else. It’s harder to do than you can say. But, you just have to learn and take advantage, and sometimes opportunities will show up because you’re working hard awesome.

– My name is Michael Torres. I’m 28 and I work in sales for a software company.

– What’s your biggest personal finance hack live below your means and how do you do that by being smart with your money, and what do you make decisions with it? What do you invest your money in?

– Spiritual health, my family – how I spend my time.

– Cheers my name is Paul. I’m going to be 80 years old. I’m in real estate investments. First of all, you look fantastic for being 80.

– Do you have any advice for anyone that wants to get into real estate investing?

– Getting into real estate investments is it the best thing you’ve ever done. Real estate is the ideal investment: I D E A L. I is for income. D is for depreciation. E is for equity build-up. A is for appreciation and L is for leverage. There’s no other investment that offers all of those.

– Do you depreciate your properties?

– Yes, accelerated depreciation.

– What’s your philosophy on giving back in charity?

– First of all, I believe that God owns everything and we’re just stewards. Our family believes in giving while we’re living. So, we’re knowing where it’s going. We only accumulate wealth in order to give it away. And so, hopefully, by the time God takes me home. We’ve given it all away that’s amazing the goal and actually giving is more fulfilling than accumulation. Most schools teach people how to accumulate wealth, but not how they deploy it for good and for high impact.

– I’m Matt, I’m 38 and I work in the tech industry.

– What’s something that you like to splurge money on?

– I guess my daughter does money equal happiness.  I don’t think so.

– What have been the best investments you’ve made to date?

– I think traveling, spending time with friends and family.

– Do you have any advice for younger people that want to get into tech? Maybe don’t be afraid to reach out to people for help. Sometimes that can be kind of intimidating or scary. 

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