It’s time to do another dedicated Apecoin update, so we have been following the journey of Apecoin and what I want to talk about is kind of what is driving up the price of a coin, what is the potential of a coin, and where possible can the price of this one go in the future.

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So, we have seen it at its lowest lows when it was very low in the price. When it first kind of dropped onto the market, a lot of people were saying you know this one was going down to two dollars, three dollars. This one’s gonna dump you know it’s the end it’s just a pump and dump and things like that. What we’ve seen over this journey is eight coins from those low levels from when it came onto the market around forty dollars. It did drop down to around six dollars. I think was the lowest point. But after that it’s maintained some really good price support above ten dollars.

So, the 10 range has been really good for this crypto, but just recently it’s had a massive pump in price. I want to talk about this pump and you can see some recognition on the crypto bubbles chart. So, it’s up 20 roughly on the week, so 19.2 percent currently.

So, what is this getting driven by right now in the market, and what is driving up the price of vape coin right now? and it is coming to these unconfirmed metaverse rumors for Apecoin. So, there is a big potential for Apecoin to create a land sale in the future. People are saying there is speculation yuga labs the developers behind board Ape yacht club is pushing its other side metaverse towards a public land sale. The sale might be priced in Apecoin so this is something. What are they doing here? They’re increasing the utility of Apecoin so you can only buy into this metaverse play potentially. If it’s only an Apecoin and you can also see this big tweet from renegade master over on Twitter. They’re saying right here was just sent some huge alpha regarding yugolabs land, drop the sale will be a Dutch auction of some sort at 608. Get your Ape ready! We’re gonna need it, so that is the source of the speculation. This is pretty exciting. If this source does seem to be legit what can we see we can potentially see a big metaverse play for Apecoin which is very exciting.

Now we’re sitting roughly at around the 15-16 range. It did actually push past 17 it has retraced a little bit, but the potential of this one does have potential it could go to 20 in the future. If this big metaverse does come online and it does become a reality and there is a lot of engagement behind this cryptocurrency. People want to buy in potentially, it could drop as well in the short term. But again, I’m not too worried about this because I do consider Apecoin as not a short-term player. I do consider this one a very long-term play in the market. I do think it has a lot of potentials, so in the future realistically this one could pass twenty dollars. It could pass twenty-five dollars. It could potentially hit fifty dollars! Why do I think that is the case and one of the biggest things that is backing? This crypto project is. I would classify this one as one with the best networks in the crypto space.

So, board 8 yacht club is made up of some the most powerful and influential people  n cryptocurrency and it does give eight coin holders a kind of an opportunity to tap into that network, so you are going to see some big deals happening for a coin in the future. I don’t think they’re just gonna abandon this project, abandon the partnerships. I do think this one is going to get stronger and stronger and   you can see some of the big ones Coinbase kicking off, getting on to all those tier 1 exchanges and I do think there’s a lot more to come with this crypto so i just wanted to share some positive news with you guys today some positive price movement really good to see this stuff in the crypto market and I do hope Apecoin does continue to go up. I am bullish about this one in the long run so long run bullish about 8 coin.

This article is a transcription of a video made by Crypto Zeus

Original video: https://youtu.be/ysjw45nvP3o