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Jet-Bot for Binance: the best crypto copy trading platform to earn money online safely!

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Tools and Features description:

  • Automate trading 24/7.
  • Spot and futures trading.
  • Opening and closing deals at best entry and exit prices.
  • Automate stop-loss; trailing; martingale and other features.
  • Demo account.
  • Trade both short and long strategies.
  • Trade unlimited coin pairs.
  • Automate averaging the entry price by placing safety orders.
  • Copy Trading with Top traders.
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  • Crease trading pools and allow other to join on a profit-share basis model
  • Use unique Jet-Bot platform trading instruments to trade more efficiently and profitable
  • Create TOP bots and allow users to follow them on monthly subscription basis
  • Use advantages of Binance Broker features
  • Charge users from 10% to 30% profit which they made with you
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  • up to 50% referral fees from users payments are allocated for referral program
  • life-time payments: earn from your users as long as they are using Jet-Bot
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  • invite traders and investors and earn from both
  • instant payouts upon your request
  • 3 levels crypto referral program
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  • Users communicate with each other and sharing their experiences, they are always ready to answer your questions.
  • You can get support and guidance from the Jet-Bot team members.
  • Check the latest updates and important news.
  • See the most impressive trading results and, of course, start trading by yourself. Create your own strategies and compare profits.
Join a community of Jet-Bot users, experienced traders who collaborate with us as Top-Trader, and share valuable insights.
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Jet Bot got 100% rating at CoinPayments website according to 7000+ users feedbacks.


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Total profit is 3043.27 USD
I started spot bot on 5th Jan. In 25 days I earned more than 3K in spot without a single loss and without fear of liquidation. Thanks a lot Jet bot to create a such a great Bot for us.
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My capital is 2k. If i get 10 usdt daily then in a month i earn 300 usdt. That means 15% per month which is more enough for me.
View @Xponse comment in Telegram
I earned almost +47% profit for last month with my own settigns. Robert gave key hints regarding settings optimization. Best Bot of all time. Thanks Team, much appreciated it feels we are all together, Jet-Bot all the way!
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How to start using a copy trading on Jet-Bot
4 easy steps to set up your Jet-Bot account
Step 1
trading bot account
Create an Account
Start your free 3-days trial. No KYC/credit card required.
Step 2
Binance API keys for trading bots
Connect exchange API keys
Just insert your API keys from your Binance exchange account.
Step 3
TOP traders Binance
Choose a trader
Check out top traders rating and choose best traders whose deals you would like to copy trade.
Step 4
crypto copy trading
Your copy trading is launched
Just relax and start to earn your passive income on your crypto with Jet-Bot.
An authorized broker of the Binance exchange
Jet-Bot is an authorized official broker of the Binance exchange. It provides Jet-Bot users with multiple advantages, like higher API synch speed and an ability to create a Binance account through Jet-Bot platform just in 1 click.
Copy Trading 24/7 operation
Copy Trading 24/7 operation
Copy-Trading allows you to follow the Top-Trader deals and earn profits 24/7 without any efforts or issues for you.
Spot and Futures bots trading
Spot and Futures bots trading
Jet-Bot copy trading platform supports both spot and futures bots trading on Binance.
Demo trading account
Demo trading account
Want to try Jet-Bot without risking any capital? Try it in a demo mode. Every Jet-Bot account includes a free $100,000 virtual portfolio.
Auto opening/closing deals
Auto opening/closing deals
Launch your bot for trading with preset configuration or set up your unique bot with custom settings.
High profit every day
High profit every day
Every deal shows good performance in bull and in bear markets by using long and short strategies at the same time.
Available in Telegram
Available in Telegram
Create bots, change settings and receive trading reports both in the web-platform and via Telegram.
Jet -Bot In numbers
We've taken our beginning as the closed beta in Mid-2019 and our numbers are just the first step 'to the Moon'.
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  • Trailing Take profit
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  • Spot bots: 1
  • Futures bots: 1
  • Exchange connections: 1
  • API speed priority: regular
  • Leverage: x20
  • Trailing Take profit
per month (paid annually)
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  • Spot bots: 2
  • Futures bots: 2
  • Exchange connections: 2
  • API speed priority: regular
  • Leverage: x30
  • Trailing Take profit
per month (paid annually)
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  • Spot bots: 10
  • Futures bots: 10API speed priority: regular
  • Exchange connections: 10
  • API speed priority: maximal
  • Leverage: x50 (x125 upon request)
  • Trailing Take profit
  • Martingale multiplier
  • VIP success manager in Telegram
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