6 CRYPTO AIRDROPS not to be missed in 2021

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  • 6 Airdrops for Year 2021.

In this article, we’ll show you a total of 6 Airdrops which might happen in 2021. From these Airdrops you might be able to make quite decent money.

Q. Why Airdrops to use? How?

Ans. It is a type of promotion in which a company who has collected a lot of fees, give their users extra money as a reward.

e.g. Unisap is very popular market. So, they collected a lot of fees through their users and due to this mile stone they decide to give their users Airdrops as rewards. point to be noted, you won’t get an Airdrop for free. You also have to purchase it with money. Positive side is that, you will get a random amount after cashing an Airdrop.

These are list of 6 Airdrops that might occur in year 2021:

1. JUL AirDrop EVENT

Jul is going to held an even in 2021 where people can buy/exchange ‘BNB’ with Jul Token. Where, 1 Jul token is equal to 1.61808 BNB. 

More information is show in the ‘Figure 1’.

2. OpenSea AirDrop Event

OpenSea is the largest market where you can buy and sell NFTs. Currently, this one is being used buy a large number of than Rarible. Currently, it has not dropped a single Airdrop. Although, he is suggesting you to buy even a little NFT and then sell it, because there might a huge Airdrop in 2021 or 2022. 

3. Metamask AirDrop Event

Metamask is one of the most usable and favourable market by people. Recently, a new feature came where you can swap ETH (Ethereum) to tokes with Metamask. Instruction to swap ETH to Metamask is mentioned here:

4. Paraswap AirDrop Event

In Paraswap, ETH (Ethereum) can also swap to any type of token. He is advising to buy a stable Token.

5. Zapper AirDrops

 You can easily link your wallet with Zapper. In Zapper, it can be easily exchange with ETH to any Token.

6. OpenOcean Future AirDrops

OpenOcean is not a popular exchange but when it gets popular it might give Airdrops. Here, you can exchange from BNB to ETH.

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