$50,000+ Given MONTHLY to Pluto Alliance Holders! (Greatest NFT Utility OUT NOW!)

$50,000+ Given MONTHLY to Pluto Alliance Holders! (Greatest NFT Utility OUT NOW!)

We’re doing things with NFTs!

Utility that’s never been done before. At least I’ve never seen it. We announced it two months ago. Two months ago, we started the program where we are giving away the AdSense revenue. Tens upon tens of thousands of dollars.

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– Sometimes over a hundred thousand dollars. We take out the taxes, and then we disperse the rest to one of the planets from our Pluto Alliance drop. It’s pretty crazy. We track all the holders, which holder has which NFT, which planet, and then Ben randomly chooses on the live stream at the beginning of each month which race is going to be picked, and then we airdrop.

– We basically take the AdSense money, turn it into crypto, and then airdrop it to you.

Actually, one of mine won two months ago. I got hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. It was basically a paycheck just for holding my Pluto Alliance. And we go through all the nine planets plus BlackHole. Once you’re selected, you’re then removed from the list, and then we choose one of the remaining. But we got a couple of wild card months where everybody’s going to be able to win.

 – So you might even win twice in a year. 

– So, as we did it the first month, people loved it, right? And then the community was like, “Why don’t we introduce some kind of mechanism that rewards the people that are active in the community?” And we like that. So what we did is we created a staking platform. So, now, to participate in the Google AdSense revenue to be eligible to win it, you now have to stake your alien on this platform.

– We’re going to leave the site, and link in the description, but we’re checking it out right now. You can see it’s really simple. Your aliens pop up. You click on your alien. You click Stake. You pay the gas fee. And then boom! Your alien is on the staking platform. This way, if instead of dividing the AdSense revenue amongst, say, the 400 Mercuries, well, what if only 200 are staked? Only 300? Now, that revenue, if it’s staked to the 200 people, that money has doubled essentially.

So for example, let’s say we’re airdropping a thousand dollars to all the people that hold a Pluto next month, well, now, if only 50% are staked, that one thousand turns into two thousand dollars that each Pluto holder will get. So that website is staking.plutoalliance.com. And I would hurry up and get that luto Alliance v1 alien while you can. We’ve only chosen two planets. We still have eight that have yet to win. So, how would you buy a Pluto Alliance for the novice here? They don’t even know what a MetaMask is. So, what’s the first step? Alright. Here’s what you do. You go to OpenSea. And what– we’ll put this link in the description as well. But all you have to do is go to OpenSea, type in “Pluto Alliance ”, go to our collection on OpenSea, and you can purchase whatever race you want, or you could just buy the floor. I mean, sweeping the floor right now, I think it’s around 0.1 Ethereum. If you hurry, you might be able  to snag a couple at that price. But I have a feeling, as these things are staked– because when you stake,  it pulls it off of OpenSea. As they’re stacked, you’re going to see the floor price rise up. Yeah. So BlackHole’s been chosen. Uranus has been chosen. So that leaves the other eight planets. I would start sweeping some, you know. So get you a Jupiter, get you a Saturn, get you a Neptune, get you an Earth. There’s still tons and tons of giveaways that have yet to happen. Get in while you can. And this is in perpetuity.

– This is forever. This isn’t like we’re going to do it one time in one year.

 – Wait. So, we’re not stopping after one year? 

– No way.

– We’re not stopping after the ten planets? 

– We’re not stopping. There’s no reason to sell your alien even if your alien gets picked. Personally, I would stake it and forget it.

– I’ll just keep it staked.

– You know what this hand’s made of?

– What’s that? 

– Diamonds. Wow! Yeah, you are.  I’m not so much of a diamond hand.

– You are though. 

– I have a BlackHole. You know what? I’m making some repairs in my home.

– I’m still holding on.

– Wow. I should sell! – But you know what? I want my JPEGs more. 

– That’s right. Just to reiterate, staking.plutoalliance.com.

Connect the wallet that has your alien, your v1 alien in it. Go ahead and get them staked, and then watch the returns come in. All you’ve got to do is sit back, and the money will start rolling in. That’s right. Just rolling in. 

This article is a transcription of a video made by BitBoy Crypto 

Original video: https://youtu.be/WIGu2YEqEiA