5 High-Paying Side Hustles You Can Do from ANYWHERE

Take a second and visualize yourself being able to make amazing money while working from anywhere in the world. I’m going to go over five high-paying side hustles that you can do 100 remotely from any place in the world emphasis on high paying and done with just your laptop. You can go and do boring low-paying stuff that everyone talks about. But everything we’re talking about, pays way more and it’s all stuff that’s actually doable and highly realistic for almost everyone.

Let’s get started so the first side hustle on our list is becoming a YouTube script right and they should be able to pay anything between 100 to 500 per script you guys are watching YouTube right now and billions of other people around the world are doing so too. This really makes you the perfect target for the side hustle since you know what makes a good video YouTube consumption is on the rise. More and more creators are popping up every single day and this creates a lot of demand for YouTube scripts here’s, how the whole process works coming from me, myself, a creator. 

So, before we film a video we actually need to plan out or script whatever we’re talking about and this type of script can be word for word or it can be bullet points and research. Especially, for talking head videos just like this. Now I wrote a bunch of bullet points for this video but a lot of my other videos are all word-for-word scripts and this is where you guys come in right this creates demand for people that can write scripts because this is actually quite outsourcing. I know a lot of YouTubers that have people helping them write their scripts and do research for them channels like mine where it’s talking head educational content. You have a ton of faceless channels that all rely heavily on YouTube scripts.

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I’d say that pretty much any big creator is going to rely a lot on scripting. So, like I said this is where you come in you guys are literally the perfect candidate for this. I’ll say that script writing is very different than blog writing, it’s more informal, it’s really that what sounds good on camera is not going to necessarily sound good for a blog and vice versa. So, if you watch YouTube you already have a big advantage because you know what sounds good on video. If you’re watching this maybe you guys watch a lot of personal finance or entrepreneurship videos and this might be the perfect niche for you to get into as a scriptwriter. Anyway, what I would do is I would reach out to YouTubers both established and newer ones. I offered to write them a free script put everything you have into making that first script really awesome and if the creator sees the value they will hire you. I recommend setting your rates per word or hourly or even per script. I’ve paid up to 500 for one YouTube script so trust me the money is definitely there. I think that’s a super cool job and you learn a lot doing it too plus of course, relaying it back to this video.

You can script write anywhere in the world. You’ll build your YouTube script writing skills and you can later on use the skill to even start your own channel in the future. You can also get started on sites like fiverr or upwork build a portfolio from there and then sort of start reaching out directly to creators. Really you just have to be creative you have to be a good writer you have to know what works on YouTube. Overall, I think this is an amazing side hustle that can pay a lot of money. It allows you to work completely remotely from anywhere in the world which reminds me. If you are really into personal finance or entrepreneurship, you want to write for me definitely reach out because I’m always looking for talented writers all right so the next high-paying side hustle. 

We’re talking about today is print on demand and basically print on demand is a way to sell custom products that feature your own designs on a per order basis meaning you don’t need to place a huge bulk order rather every time an order comes in your manufacturer is going to print and ship it out for you. So, it’s way more passive and you can be anywhere in the world like I mentioned. The earning potentials are pretty much unlimited but, of course, it’s going to vary greatly. I think that this is a perfect business for anyone that wants location freedom but also has an artistic side or a large audience you get to create designs. Basically, just have a full-on e-commerce business without holding any inventory.

Hundred plus fulfillment centers in 34 countries and I would have included them on this list. Anyways, plus they’re actually hooking it up for my audience and giving you 50 off your first order when. So, first of all what can you sell Jalal has one of the biggest catalogs and I encourage you to check out their website to see what resonates with you. You can click on any category and it’s going to show you their best-selling products. So, of course, you can do clothing like hoodies and T-shirts but the one that really caught my eye was wall art. I think there’s tons of potential to make a business based on wall art because the profit margins can be really high. 

So, you can see that they have so many different types of prints. But I’m going to check out the acrylic print here all the sizes. You can do along with the price and I’ll be honest and say that this is a really good price plus there are no customs charges like you’ll be able to sell these for way more than it’s costing. You, especially, if you have a very cool design for example the 24 by 36 inch one is around 69 and costs 32 to ship to the us a product like this should easily sell for between 200 to 300 meaning you can make 100 to 200 profit per order. They deliver to 200 plus countries with very fast shipping times and items are produced locally on demand which explains the fast and cheaper shipping and like I mentioned earlier.

They also have the best reviews in the industry which is extremely important because they handle a lot of the customer service print-on-demand made it on this video because I actually think it’s an amazing location independent side hustle with a lot of potential profit. It just happens that gelato is the perfect platform if you want to get started with the side hustle. So, if you pair gelato with your designs and can create hype for your product through social media this can result in a full-on profitable business if you want to try it out. I’ll leave my exclusive link below which is going to give you 50 off your first order. I know a lot of you watching this will be able to turn this into an amazing business all right so the next high-paying side hustle. 

We’re talking about today is becoming a Notion consultant and this should pay you anywhere between 50 to 250 per hour. If you don’t know what Notion is it’s a really cool productivity platform that I personally use it basically allows you to organize your entire life all your businesses keep track of different projects. Really the list is endless tons of entrepreneurs use it tons of small businesses use it too. This is a very high-value skill because not a lot of people know how to set their notion pages up and the fact is that if you can come in spend a couple of hours, tweaking everything and setting things up you’ll 100 save them hundreds of hours and that’s really why people are willing to pay so much.

What the side hustle entails first, you’re going to learn how to use notion and how to set up systems for entrepreneurs or businesses. Personally, I think it’s a lot easier than you might think because you can literally learn notion 100 for free on YouTube. I really do believe that if you spend let’s say 20 to 40 hours learning notion, you should have a very good understanding of the platform and how to set it up after that you’re going to create content on it for free and build an Instagram page, build a TikTok page and basically just offer a lot of free value on there. Once you build trust with your audience people are going to be like if I want to set up a notion page, I need to contact you because if their free content is this good think about how much they can do for me. If I actually pay them so you’re going to offer personalized services to help set up notion pages for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Now I want to reiterate that you can absolutely transform someone’s business or productivity in just a few hours I have a really high conviction with productivity platforms like the notion and I truly believe that every one that is in the business world needs something like it. As a result, since there is so much upside for the clients this results in such high value that you can provide and hence.

they are willing to pay you a lot of money. I also see a lot of people posting these types of gigs on fiverr and upwork and that’s really a great place to start. If you want to get your first clients, I’ll say that if you want to charge the maximum amount possible. It’s going to be really important for you to build that organic audience and create content literally giving out all this free information about the notion and people are literally going to flock to your paid services in this industry. It’s also really reliant on word of mouth, so once you get your first clients and you do a good job for them they are 100% going to recommend you to their other friends. Overall, I do think that this is an incredibly high-value skill that doesn’t take too long to learn. Especially, if you compare it to something like programming which takes years, really the roi for the time spent learning is just massive for a notion. That’s why I think it’s the perfect skill, if you want to make money while learning a high-value skill that can be learned in not that long number four on our list is becoming an online course. 

This article is a transcription of a video made by Charlie Chang

Original video: https://youtu.be/OjGPlo6xB24