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  • Tips to Make Profit Everytime.

In this article, I’ll show a total of 11 tips that will help you in making profit everytime.

These is the List of Crypto Trading Tips:

1. Use a copy trading on Jet Bot platform

One could use a copy trading as an easy option to earn profit on crypto trading passively. A copy trading on Jet Bot platform is an option which allows to copy deals of successful Binance traders in automate deal.

You can connect your Binance account with Jet-Bot platform via API keys and start copy trading without transferring your crypto out of your Binance account.

This instrument is good for traders because they can split their deposits between several traders to diversify their risks. Such strategy will protect your portfolio even in case if one of traders could lose.

Top traders of Jet Bot platform has shown stable positive result for more then 9 months in a row since the launch of the platform in June, 2019.

Average monthly profitability of copy trading on Jet Bot is +21% per month.

You can start a copy trading by creating a new account at jet-bot.com

2. Trend is the King:

One should follow trend. No matter which type of trading you are into it will always be benefitable. Don’t let your negative thoughts effect your performance.

e.g. In Casino, there is a game called ‘Roulette’. In which, you have to choose between two colours, one is red another is black. If you, get four red in a row then you should go with red again because the probability of getting both ‘Red’ & ‘Black” is 50%. Then, why not go with red again because there is a 50% chance to win again. This example is personally followed by the user

3. Make Note of Your 10 Favourite Coins:

You should make a note on 10 Favourite Coins of Yours. About the news related to those coins. Observe the movement of those coins. Always track those coins and take the advantage of every dip.

4. Wait for Big Dips:                      

You should wait for big dips. You should not be concerned about small dips. You should rather wait for big dips to invest. Whenever, ‘BTC’ moves there is about 10% to 30% of dip seen in every coin.

5. Always Enter in Parts to Average Out:

You should always take entries in part.

Or, Divide entries in part. Because, if you are at loss in one entry and making profit on other entries then it won’t affect your investment. If you do not divide your entries in parts then you might lose all of your money.

6. Don’t Get Addicted to Trading:

You should not be addicted to trading. If you get addicted to trading then if will invest more and more every time with any concerns to your profits. So, set goal, set routine to invest.

7. Set Small Targets:

You should set small targets to invest. So, unfortunately if you face loss then it won’t be a hard on you and your wallet as well. It will also help you to invest in other coins, if you invest on small lots. Aim for small profits, like 5% and maximum of 15% never get too greedy for your own good.

8. Always Trade in ‘BTC’ Pair:

You should always trade in ‘BTC’ pair because every successful trader’s goal is to earn ‘BTC’. Over 90% of traders invest in ‘BTC’ pair rather than single. Their main aim is to earn ‘BTC’ as much as possible.

9. Start Booking Profit Rather Than Watching/Looking:

 You should stop looking at profit and should start booking it. Means, people look at trades and predict decent profits from them. But they didn’t invest on them because of ‘fear’ and low ‘self-esteem’. Even there are many potential profits. So, starting taking the profit rather than looking for it.    

10. Don’t Love the Coin, Love your Profit:

You should love ‘Profit’ rather than ‘Coin’. Don’t go for popular coins, if you even see profit in unpopular ones then go after them. Don’t give concern about that which type of project is under that coin, just go for ‘PROFIT’. In end, no one care about the coins only profit matters. 

11. Patience & Satisfaction is essential in Trading:

You should must have humongous patience in this field. Even a lit bit of careless can drag you from a very decent profit to worst loss ever. One should also be satisfied with result (profit) he/she made. Don’t be greedy or you might not be able to invest again. LOL.

So, both ‘PATIENCE & SATISFACTION’ is vital in trading.

Best of Luck with Your Trading!

– Thank You!