Сrypto arbitrage trading

Have you ever noticed that the prices of crypto assets differ on various platforms and exchanges for digital assets? It may seem strange but digital asset prices can vary up to 5% and they may change numerous times during the day and night. The Crypto market never sleeps and a lot of decisions are taken in fractions of seconds. The truth is that advanced crypto traders are not afraid of jumping crypto volatility or a huge number of crypto projects, platforms, and trading services. The crypto traders use these obstacles as opportunities to make a lot of profit. This opportunity is called Inter Exchange Arbitration and we created this short guide to help you start gaining your first APY today. 

Typical crypto traders’ mistakes

Before we start explaining arbitrage it is worth noticing some beginners’ common fails. Usually, users are trying to start trading by passing so-called V.I.P courses or reading numerous articles and instructions and then finally joining some murky questionable trading platform or exchange where they got scammed or can gain only tiny profits. The concept looks simple in theory, but in practice, there is a large number of nuances that may end up taking away the deposit from the beginner. This scenario is dramatically frequent but we know how to easily avoid this trap and get elevated to another level where only cool traders are multiplying their profits. The secret is that you can join the whole trading community and ask any question from the top traders. They share their tips and daily profits, explaining how you can do the same. 

Also, you should trust only verified platforms. The Jet-Bot copy trading platform is an official Binance broker. And Binance is the biggest and most trustable crypto exchange nowadays. And the third element is that you do your research and create your strategies or you can follow and repeat the best strategies from the top traders. 

What is crypto arbitrage and how to earn with it?

Advanced traders know how to make a profit from these small price fluctuations. Traditionally you can find securities, commodities, and currencies arbitration in various global markets like the New York Stock Exchange or the Tokyo Stock Exchange. And crypto inherited this feature and traders use this to reap potential profits from buying and selling the same asset in different markets. Now no one arbitrates manually, for this purpose use of trading bots – software for automatic transactions proceeds under predefined conditions.

For arbitration, you need the experience of writing a connector  — a software to pair the platform where the trading of assets — and trading strategies and algorithms, as well as the ability to write yourself a good software and use good servers. But you can always start your first dealing with crypto trading bots in a few clicks on copy platforms like Jet-Bot. You can subscribe and follow the best traders who are making up to 600% annually.